Problem with spoofers targeting EX Raid locations


isn’t the cap raised? last week we were with over 50 at one EX raid, and i’ve heared about more of those just in my city.


There is no cap. More players means more passes.


Really? I had no idea.


One of the recent ones I was involve in had between 60-70 people.

Surely it works on a % of Ex Raid Passes issued from the total number that Raided the chosen Gym during the week.
What we waiting to see this week potentailly is if it’s a total number of Trainers that Raided the Gym or or the number of unique different Trainers that Raided the Gym. We’ve meet all the points criteria for a Gym in a new area but it’s been a small group of us us that have Raided the target Gym every time it’s had a Raid and we’ve been available.


So how many lobbies were there in total? I thought the EX Raid pass cap was 40.


Where did this 40 invites cap story come from? I have never actually heared or read about it anywhere.


Can’t remember actually - perhaps I misheard someone & formed that opinion in my own mind… (wouldn’t put it past myself :laughing:)
I think it is probably more likely because our town has a decent PoGo community but we rarely see more than 20-30 people at raids (unless we’re doing “waves”).


At our last EX raid (at a Sprint), we knew there would be spoofers since they’ve been hitting the local Sprint and Starbucks hard. When the egg hatched, the spoofers jumped in and I jumped in too, to see if I could get screenshots. There was another lobby with at least one other spoofer so in total, at least 20 spoofers. We had 16 locals there, plus three more that either couldn’t come because of work or they forgot about the raid (!) So it seemed like a 50/50 split between spoofers and locals. Which is a lot better than a prior Starbucks EX raid, where there were 6 locals and at least 17 spoofers.