Problem with spoofers targeting EX Raid locations


I personally feel like spoofers should be given a different server with niantics tests to put them on that. If they want on to the normal server then they have to have no known spoofing apps on their phone.
Credit to @JoshHack who has come up with this idea before me :).


If only someone has suggested this idea months ago…

Sorry for the weird capital letters every word


That would encourage spoofing so much, I could get the spoofing app, get tons of 100IVs in one day, and then switch back to legit


Totally agree with that but there are a few issues that there would be because i know a few people that sometimes play in real life and sometimes spoof so which server would you put them on. Another way you could do it is to put them all in team rocket, although places like Santa Monica would just be owned by team rocket 24/7


This is why I’m pushing for the rewards system to change. All it does is give spoofers even more reason to spoof. Instead what they could do is eliminate all forms of rewards from gyms. TMs, coins, candy, gym bonuses, legendaries, mewtwo. All of it should be rewarded based on your personal accomplishments within the game.

Niantic must create a new revenue stream and not base it off of raid passes. All this does is give spoofers more of a reason to upset the balance and their community is stronger than ever and growing. Down with gym rewards. We can’t go through this any longer.


How would that fix anything, spoofers would still get everything


You wouldnt be able to transfer anything you caught on the spoof server to the main server.


Well, shame of me that I havent thought of that



No they dont.


Was psynurse247 there? He spoofs all over the world.


wow, you really have it going for him don’t you?

(i get it though, it’s just funny to see all your post popping up more and more)


Yeah? Better stop now then whilst its still funny…


It’s not the comments, it’s how many of them he’s posted


you’re free to post about him all you want on my posts. I hate spoofers too.


it would solve the issue of legit trainers being cheated out of getting rewards such as EX raid passes since the cap is at 40 passes per gym. it wouldn’t solve the spoofing issue in pokemon go but at least you wouldn’t get cheated out of receiving a pass anymore.


I don’t think he’s coming back. He probably made an account just to complain and then left. It’s happened before.


who? what do you mean?


Psynurse247cheats247 isn’t coming back. He created an account, and then just complained about his local Spoofer on 10 different topics.


Can’t blame him. Hope it works.


Ofcourse it doesnt work. This is GOHUB, not niantic. This site has no influence on who gets banned and who doesnt.