[PRICING] 100 Pokecoin Prices


I’m in the UK and on Android… The 100 pokecoin package has reduced back to the old rate of £0.79 as opposed to what it had risen to which was £0.99… It means it’s currently cheaper to buy multiple 100 coin packages over the 550, 1200 & 2500 bulk packages… This the same for other’s too?

General discussion

I have tested this bought a package and only been charged 79p by the way was no adjustment at checkout and doesn’t appear to be just a graphical glitch it looks to be a legitimate price reduction :slight_smile:


Confirmation e - mail also confirms lower price has been charged :slight_smile:


I had the same thing. Andriod user in Belgium. I noticed it when it was mentioned in the megathread and checked it. Legit lower price, nice.


No price change in the US App Store on iOS, same price as before + we still don’t have the promo codes.

Just Apple being Apple with their crazy rules…


Reduced in Croatia also, from 10 to 8KN, if this is a worldwide trend on Android that would be awesome


Thanks for the shout on the article that’s gone out on the hub! Hope people will be able to benefit from this :slight_smile:


Dropped from 9 Dkk


any form of savings is always a good thing - cannot say no to that


I’m from Malaysia and the price dropped almost 50%. From RM3.90 to RM1.90. Its actually 0.34 £ or $ 0.44


hey man - just curious whats your region exclusive in malaysia btw? (sorry off topic)


Just Corsola. I thought we are gonna get Fatfetche’d at first but I was wrong.