Powering up Pokemon because you like them


Are their pokemon that you want to and/or already have powered up to us for your teams more for because you like them.

I have powered up a 96% DT/HS Steelix because it is cool and i want it for my Dragonite Beatdown team with my 2 Cloysters

I will eventually be powering up my 87% BP/XS Scizor when i get more candy


I’m doing that with all my Regionals. Heracross was my buddy during the event.


DON’T Power up Pokemon because you like them … That’s a waste of Stardust that you saved up since the game has begun.


Too be honest I’m only level 27 so I’m not a ridiculous level but I haven’t spent any stardust yet, I refuse to do it until I get a 100iv Pokémon, I have 620000 stardust


Everyone enjoys Pokemon differently. Not everyone wants to, or has the resources to power up the best handful of mons in the game.


I don’t have the best mons in the game. I am still efficiently playing the game and taking down the best gyms in the game everyday. Its not the best option to spend the stardust on something you like because of the COLOR LOL!


It’s not a waste if that is what they want to do and it gets them to their goal. There isn’t a right or wrong way to play as long as they player is getting satisfaction.


Ok, um, perfect topic. Been cranking a mystic alt. Lvl 25 now. Hatched a 96% counter wobbuffet (don’t have on my main, grrr). Been catching here and there around my house. Yeah, he’s candy-maxed (not maxed, crank with each candy pop). Weenie ranges still (only just finished 2200s), but 230 hp already.


Yes yes its a waste!!! You’re time and effort of catching a perfect Pokemon is being wasted by powering up because of the look and color of the Mon…


If your goal is to only power a 100% IV Pokémon with the perfect then powering up anything else is a waste. If your goal is to power up low IV pidgy and that is your passion then that is your choice too. As long as you are following the terms of service then there isn’t a correct or incorrect way to play.

I ask that you please be respectful of other people’s points of view.


Who??? are you a mod or something?


Yes actually.

I do appreciate your passion, and I would not personally power those particular Pokémon either. However if a player has a favorite Pokémon they want to power I won’t critize them for it.


Its like spending money on the spot… I do understand that there are many ways of playing Pokemon Go. But you do realize I been uploading consistent videos about Pokemon Go for three months straight??.

I am actually tired of immature people getting mods involved when we are actually just having a debate about a video game. People its just a game I do this for a living its my job to help others get better at the game. I do things differently from others on my channel. If its my past you don’t understand about me then I am here to explain.

I live in Chocowinity Nc, where people here can’t read and write and the economy ain’t like Mystic7 or TrainerTips life. I live in a mobile home all the bills I pay I pay everything in this house… I used to want to be a rapper but I have changed overtime… This channel of mine started out as to help others out and change their live. I have a part time job to support myself and love what I am doing!!! I am going back to community college to go for entrepreneur classes and to get a teaching degree in university. I am not the typically just coming out of college person.


The mons I use to fight i power the best one all the way up to place in gyms, the rest I power them up to only half way of the game targeted foes. The mons I like I power up as I please. If the stardusts get low, I go ride my bike and hatch eggs and catch mons to fill up. Simple, and not complicated. My game, my way. Cheers folks.


It is not a complicated game at all!!!


Why do you care how other people choose to play the game? It doesn’t effect you in any way. Maybe they’re laughing at you because you apparently take this way to serious.

If someone really likes a particular Pokémon in their collection and want to max it out, I say go for it. In fact, I might max out a beedrill just to annoy you :stuck_out_tongue: