Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



I doubt that. Gens 4 and 5 have nine Legendaries respectively, while Gen 6 has 3 Legendaries and 3 Mythicals, some with alternate forms which could provoke some interesting Special Research quests for Zygarde and Hoopa specifically. Gen 6 would likely been dominated by returning Legendaries, particularly from Gens 4 and 5 to have Shinies. Gen 7 has 7 Legendaries and 3 Mythicals. If anything, it will likely be too crowded.

This is a conversation for another thread regarding the future, so I say if you want to talk about that more, we can start a new topic about it. I don’t want to derail this topic again.

EDIT: I started one here: Timetable of Future Generation Releases (Supposition and Speculation)


But I doubt one legendary a month can drag the game along without new features, they will have to start releasing them faster and faster


Let’s keep this on topic now. Discuss it more in the link I provided.


8 down, 3 to go…


96%, perfect HP and Attack. I do have a plan for this one since it does know an all-Flying-type moveset. Might be a slight hindrance to those Fighting-type Gym Attackers.


Got Sinnoh Stone from training but didnt have enough candies to get Dusknoir, lol




Got another one.
@alex9945 look at the time😛


Nice progress made by quite a few.
Being able to do the 3 PvP and one Trainer battle a day is a massive advantage.
I haven’t got a stone in 5 maybe 6 days now from Trainer only battles while the family members accounts are averaging 1 a day from being able to do the 4 Battles.
I’ve got the Pokemon and no Stones while they have the Stones and not the good Pokemon I do. Quite amusing really.


I’ve only gotten two from PvP battles so far. XD


I got none…


That’s interesting. The Family Member accouts never got any stones in the first 2 weeks when they were a given as they never completed a quest each day and by the time they completed enough they became random.
Surely this is too co-incidental that because they got no stones in the first 2 weeks they are being gifted stones through the PvP battles and it’s not just pure RNG?
They’ve only done the PvP in the last 4 days in a row. All have got 2 stones on one of the days from the 4 Battles.


I DID finally get one from a Team Leader Battle. The odds seem to be about 1 in 7. All I can say is to keep trying.


I’m only 5 down 6 to go


I haven’t yet, all I get is 500 dust, little by little, adding up


I battled all 3 team leaders for practice and just got stardust on first. If you don’t get stone on first, the next you will just be working towards Trainer Badge probably.


Yeah, that is my goal. I practice with sub 1500 CP in ML


As of last night, I now have them all. Now I need to save stones up for future use.

That and I got a 98% Electabuzz that I MUST evolve into my second Electivire. :smiley:


Got this stone from a Field Research Breakthrough tonight.


A 96% Porygon-Z, only with perfect HP and Defense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Landed two stones tonight. Hello 98% Electivire!