Post your sinnoh stone evolutions



Just added another one to the Pokédex. I get Sinnoh Stones more often right now.
I actually don’t want to evolve my shiny Duskull since it’s currently my only red shiny.


Finally got a stone after a week…


The final two I needed. Now it’s just a matter of evolving Shinies, collecting enough to evolve better ones should I encounter them, and preparing for possible additional options.


Both are 93%, but each have only one perfect stat: Honchkrow has perfect HP and Electivite has perfect Defense. Honchknow is one I could possibly be ok for since it has 14 Attack, but Electivire has 13 Attack.

EDIT: Go figure; after midnight, the Leader Battle earned me another Stone, which I used to get a Shiny 91% IV Lucky Togekiss.



Togekiss is next for me. I don’t get stones very often though.



Added another two. No I only need Togekiss and Mismagius and then I have all the Sinnoh Stone evolutions.



How did you get them and what do the numbers and symbols under your characters mean? Is it an app or just your way of identifying them?


i have everyone except Electivire,Togekiss,Gliscor,and Porygon-Z.


He (I assume he’s a he) is using an app called PokeGenie. It scans screenshots you take of the Pokemon’s informational page. It’s a far less invasive way of getting your stat information on the fly.

Back to the topic at hand:


Here’s my newest evolution, a Shiny Roserade. Only one more Shiny that I currently have to go.

EDIT: And with tonight’s Research Breakthrough–I’ve been extremely lucky with these–here’s the final Shiny.



I now do only need Togekiss, but I don’t have the candies.


Thank you and awesome catches!!


I just hatched another Togepi yesterday and powered up my Togikiss.


The numbers represent the level of the mon, as well as the hp attack and defense stat…the letters are the moveset the mon has TS/WC is thunder shock/wild charge


Leafeon and Glaceon wont,they will just get a name to evolve one.


Got a stone yesterday and made her.



That’s only worked once for each form, so there has to be an alternative way to do it, just like with Espeon and Umbreon.