Post your Shadow Pokemon


Your a bad man bro Need to step your stardust game up though


Who needs stardust when you have everything @cup


Lol that’s true you da best I’ll give you that



got them on tonight’s walk


Had the time to do just one so far, and it ran :sob::sob::sob:


These are ones I got today…


from today





That grass rocket was a born looser. So much easier than the poison rocket.



My first shadow Snorlax! Team GO Rocket grunt’s Pokemon: Snorlax, Charizard, Snorlax. The team I used to win the battle:
Machamp (Counter / Dynamic Punch) 2804 CP
Omastar (Mud Shot / Ancient Power) 2542 CP
Dragonite (Dragon Tail / Draco Meteor) 3168 CP


I’ve been putting my SS in another thread. I’ll start putting them in here from now on.
I encountered a few of the new combos this morning before I saw the announcement they were coming.
I did a Snorlax/ Snorlax/ Snorlax for Snorlax.
After seeing what I was up against I got out of the fight and selected a team of 3 L40 100% Machamps with Counter / Dynamic Punch.
My Machamps got obliterated by 1 1/2 of the Snorlax’s. This had me scratching my head as I pummel Snorlax in Gyms with Machamps. PvP is a whole different beast obviously
Re did battle but this time used my L40 Ttar with Smack Down / Stone Edge and 2 Bite / Crunch.
The Smack Down one took out 2 1/2 Snorlax on its own for an easy win.

All will be going on Gyms to earn their keep then transfer once job is done.


Finally something big IV
This will go 100% when Sprinkled with Holy water.




Notched up the 100 Grunt battles last night.
Yet to get the Dratini reward battle and only 1 Snorlax so far too.
Had my first 3x Magikarp for you guessed it Magikarp last night. With over 7K Candy I thought why not evolve a Shadow Gary. Wasted Dust Powering it up to my rotation Gym duty level but happy with the decision for cool factor.
It’s disappointing I can’t give it a better Charge Move over the pop gun default move.


He looks cool I want 1


Was running tight for time driving to city for work 25yr dinner. Saw a black stop on way and decided at last moment to do it.
Glad I did.

I’ll take this on to 1400-1500co once I collect a bit more dust. Candy not an issue.


Picked up this nice high CP Shadow between Ray Raids.


Since I’ve found out L10 is as good as it gets I evolved it and Dropped a little Dust on it to join my Gym leavers crew.
Evolved it came in at 1031cp