Post Your Raid Battles Here! (Jan-Feb 2018)


Hello guys! I hope you can post your Raid Battles here. Free access- no Raid Passes needed!
Here are mine:

Kyogre-CP 51968-Choa Chu Kang UFO, Singapore
Kyogre-CP 51968-Sheltered Table, Singapore
Absol-CP 26262-(i cannot remember), Singapore
Magikarp-CP 1165-Mural at Yew Tee MRT, Singapore
Wailmer-CP 3369-Mi Casa, Singapore
Mawile-CP 9403-Mi Casa, Singapore


What are you trying to do with this post. I’m not sure I understand the point of posting raid locations here aside from telling people where the raid is going to happen.
Can you explain a bit more please?

#3 What I mean is that you can show me your raiding history.


Im afraid i cant cause its already about 100 raids long and my journal doesnt go that far back.
But yeah i also dont see what youre trying to accomplish with this post and the information you might get from it.

Also what do you mean with Free acces - no raid passes needed… Surely you are not implying you do raids whitout having to spend a single raid pass.


I did a magikarp and wartortle raid yesterday.


Ok - now I understand!

There is a thread which has this information already where people have posted their entire Legendary Raid history (just legendaries though), perhaps this will help (you may also want to scroll down to near the bottom);


I mean tell me the raids you remember.


Kyogre 3
Wartortle 2


How to do that much raids a day


Use premium raid pass


Rare Candy on Pidgey… No words for that. WHY?


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Hes trolling. Look at his posts of the last few hours and youll see. Just report.


My guess. You needed one more pidgey candy to evolve pidgeotto to pidgeot
But then you accidentally evolved a pidgey instead?