Post your photobombed shots!






Somehow Gastly didn’t photobomb here, or did I have to try longer?


Only worked during the CD hours if you hadnt already tried it for the summer event before 11:00. Im guessing thats where it went wrong for you?



If you used the 5 shots for the event spawns, you didn’t get it…


I didn’t take any Snapshots before 11:00. I was waiting for Gastly.

Edit: As far as I can remember, nothing Photobombed my Snapshots after the Community Day, either. :thinking:

Edit 2: I might have taken a Snapshot of my Buddy before 11:00, but that’s just one. Not five. And I’m pretty sure that, if I did so, that Snapshot didn’t get Photobombed, either.

Edit 3: I heard more people saying their Photobombs didn’t work. I’ll look on Google.


Never mind. I already had my Photobombs just after midnight. :man_facepalming: No big deal though, was just wondering why I didn’t get my Gastly Photo bombs. Thanks @MrHeineken88 & @Robdebobrob.





These two were the funniest ones from the day.







Still not counting as a snapshot with buddy


Still not counting as a snapshot with buddy