Post your NEWEST shiny



I am still trynna get my own “Uchiha”


I got one of those once…!


I already had one too.


You don’t have a single other Pokémon you could have transferred?



first one!






3 Shinies in last 2 days.


your on a shiny spree!!!


you could include sunday also


Including Sunday would be 7.


My first ever “new event shiny”. It was only the 18th Drifloon I’ve seen (that’s extremely lucky for me)


2nd shiny for today, 1st was an absol. Today I got 2 different shinies for the first time ever.


We got some shiny champions up in here. I rarely get shinies in the wild.



Couple of Go Plus surprises this morning on way home from work. Caught about 10min apart


When I take a walk specially to find shinies I can’t find them, and when I am walking to get my Stamp & some new Pokéballs because I caught way too many Pokémon last days, I get two shinies in two minutes! :scream: and now I am about to go out for the shinies again, that’s the funniest part :rofl:


@Jormdeworm Nice! I don’t have either of those yet.


got em


Snow Omg