Post your NEWEST shiny



That’s the funny thing about Muk and Alolan Muk. Their shiny forms have the opposite colors of the alternative form. Shiny Grimer and Muk have the Alolan color, while Shiny Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk have the Kanto color.




Its gonna be nice in the great league



First shiny legendary!


For I second I thought that it was…


I had to kiss a lot of frogs (or in this case pigs) before I found the Prince… :grinning:


Finally got shiny Pinsir



I also got one of those little piggies :star_struck:
But no luck with shiny Meltan in my first mystery box of the event


I’ve checked about 100 since the release of the shiny. Still nothing.


Same. Wednesday or thursday ill use my third mistery box this event


I am currently sitting with 300 Spoink seen and no shiny. I think I’d seen less than 50 before the event started, because Spoink’s annoying to catch. Meltan is something else, I have only one single bad IV Meltan from research and I don’t even care.


4th non event shiny
first 3 were Aron


Also my first Lugia too. Whoop.


Go Plus Surprise Shiny Pig on a Spring over the weekend.
I’d caught more of these than most things released as Shiny before one made and appearance. The rate seems to be quite low.


That shiny psyduck looks frozen. I hope to find one some day.


Same! Nothing so far


Same, nothing so far


Lol Lol Lol