Post your NEWEST shiny



Aaaaand a Magnemite immediately despawned.


I’ve been pretty bad at posting my new shinies, highlighted all the shinies I’ve gotten since my last post


My shiny luck is insane! I finally got shiny Meowth! :star_struck: I already have shiny shadow Meowth and I wanted a regular one, too and now I have it!


Today the cat(‘s account) got the cream(y-coloured magnemite).
But he doesn’t like shinies, so he swapped it with me for a Palkia (which came out before he started playing.)
Lucky us! :four_leaf_clover::grinning:



after many events where i got no new shinies and just some crappy ones, this weekend was a blast:

13 shinies this weekend (1 x wingull is offscreen)
9 of those i still needed.
The cobalion was a mirror trade with my own shiny i caught friday. I’ve done over 1700 legendary raids and this is only my 5th 100% legendary and it’s shiny aswell. My first 100 shiny legendary ever and my only 2nd 100% shiny ever.

Also, that cobalion wasn’t the only 100% this weekend…


From the last 1,5 week. :star_struck:


Would be nice to get something I don’t have already as there’s heaps on that list.


so a few hours have passed since i posted my recent results. Here’s an update:


Got another one of these on the Go Plus last night.


When do you use the go plus, and when do you not use it?


Hubby put down a Mossy Incense Lure, and the first one for me is…


Last 4 rounds in Great League, 3:2, 3:2, 3:2, 4:1 and the reward:


What’s a mossy incense lure?


A specific kind of Lure Module you put on stops.


They are designed to enhance the spawning of bug, grass, and poison types; and evolving Eevee when in range of the stop will result in a Leafeon.




Mrs c. got a shiny ballboy yesterday… some girls have all the luck!


If I remember correctly, the Shiny rate for Bronzor is 1/450, right? Well, I have 4/98 :face_with_monocle::upside_down_face:

I’m hoping to get that Shiny Lunatone tomorrow, because Lunatone is quite rare, even during nighttime. Also, I saw a friend getting a Shiny Baltoy just after I got my Drowzee.