Post your hatched pokemon




Just hatched this :yum:


And I got this 100% guy… casuality?




All my Pichu with hats from the latest events

And party hat Wurmple


It’s abit sad that Party Hat Wurmple can’t evolve


The whole event is sad. Lol.



Hatched this shiny today


I just hatched shiny Minccino! :star_struck:


Only 2nd ever Shiny hatch.


It was a Pokèdex entry too!


I finally hatched Riolu, but it has bad IVs.


Bad for Gym Busting / Raiding or bad for PvP?
What can be useless stats for one can be be good for the other.


I don’t know what stats are good for PvP, I’m not a PvP type of player. I want good IVs so that I can use them in raids, Gyms and against Team Rocket. I don’t have many Lucario candies to invest in such a weak Pokemon. I also don’t want to spend too much stardust and I don’t buy second moves. So I doubt it would be good in PvP. I’ll power up something that is good for PvP and close to CP limit.


So far this month was really nice. The Minccino was my 4 shinyhatch and 5th shiny Minccino.




Yes! :star_struck: :egg: :four_leaf_clover:


Whoa… Impressive Gible, @Branebs. Congratulations!!