Post your hatched pokemon



Awesome hatch!


Thanks this is actually the second 98% hatch. Also have a munchlax. But this is way better. :smiley:


Had just one bonsly and one Chingling. Iglibuff and the others Hatched more than once.


I got 3x Munchlax in the 24hrs. First one hatched only and hour after I posted I hadn’t got one yet.



From a 10km egg


Would yall believe me when I say ive hatched over 700 pokemon, and ive never hatched a shiny or a hundred…I have hatched more than 20 98%s tho


Yes I would.
I was some where between 1000-1500 before I saw a 100% and around 2750-2800 before I hatched any Shiny.



hatched a 100


That’s probably why I only have 1 100% that I know of. I usually just transfer them right away if CP is low


i usually check. Just in case of situations like this.


I don’t normally. Bag space is limited. I’m posting on our A Random Name Discord if you want to go there. So I just trash the low CP stuff.


hatched this earlier today


I’ve been checking IVs more often on my hatched Pokémon before trashing them


I always appraise my pokemon right after catchting them


I’ve hatched over 100 without a shiny one :sob:.



That’s a lot of Wynauts.
Only 17 here and no Shiny.
Have only hatched one Shiny full stop in 2800 eggs and that was an Iggly when the Bunny was out as Shiny.