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Finishing a new entry up today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got around to finishing one. :slight_smile:


Horn Bug Pokemon

Type: Bug/Poison
Ht: 0’ 8"
Wt: 9 lbs
Abilities: Rough Skin, Effect Spore

Duplipilar is a common Pokemon with two heads. Each head is capable of thinking independently, yet still act in perfect unison. This causes Duplipilar to move much faster than you’d think and, due to it’s ability to make quick decisions and turns, makes it very maneuverable. Due to it’s horns and spikes, Duplipilar are usually left alone by bird Pokemon.

Duplipilar is based on the caterpillar of a monarch butterfly. It’s name is a combination of “duplicate” and the misspelling of “caterpillar”.


HP: 50
ATT: 40
DEF: 45
SA: 10
SD: 10
SPD: 60
Total: 215

At level 15, Duplipilar evolves into …


Glowing Pokemon

Type: Bug/Poison
Ht: 0’ 9"
Wt: 18 lbs
Abilities: Shed Skin, Effect Spore

Lumincase spends it’s entire existence hanging from objects, usually trees. Lumicase are usually found in large numbers and by intensifying the glow from their eyes, can light up an entire forest should they choose to. The glow Lumicase gives off warns predators to stay away as it is a very poisonous Pokemon and has a bad aftertaste. When Lumicase doesn’t glow, it is sometimes mistaken for a Metapod.

Lumicase is based off of a monarch butterfly cocoon. It’s name is a portmanteau of “illuminate” and “encase”.


HP: 60
ATT: 20
DEF: 60
SA: 25
SD: 25
SPD: 35
Total: 225

… at level 25, a male Lumicase evolves into …


Monarch Pokemon

Type: Bug/Psychic
Ht: 3’ 0"
Wt: 55 lbs
Abilities: Rivalry, Telepathy, Anticipation

Flutterking are a migratory Pokemon frequently seen in large swarms near the end of warm months, heading to warmer climate. Using their psychic powers, Flutterking never get lost and always know what direction to go. When the time comes, Flutterking will pick up any Duplipilar and Lumicase it finds to also take them to a new area. Despite being ace navigators, Flutterking are not to be underestimated when defending their swarm.

Flutterking is based on a monarch butterfly. It’s name is a portmanteau of “flutter” and “king”, eluding to monarch.


HP: 65
ATT: 70
DEF: 60
SA: 85
SD: 100
SPD: 70

Total: 450


Bug: Fury Cutter, Signal Beam, Lunge, String Shot, Twineedle, Leech Life
Grass: Aromatherapy
Normal: Bide, Defense Curl, Disable, Flail, Flash, Quick Attach, Swift
Flying: Hurricane
Psychic: Agility, Barrier, Confusion, Future Sight, Psychic

… at level 25, a female Lumicase evolves into …


Monarch Pokemon

Type: Bug/Steel
Ht: 3’ 0"
Wt: 75 lbs
Abilities: Rivalry, Hyper Cutter, Compound Eyes

Flutterqueen are the defenders of the swarm and take their role very seriously. While Flutterqueen are beautiful to look at, they are very aggressive and deadly, especially if one of their own is threatened. Fast and agile flyers, Flutterqueen dart at would be attackers with precision, targeting the wings of flying Pokemon. Their claws are small, but can deliver multiple strikes in mere seconds.

Flutterqueen is also based on a monarch butterfly. It’s name is a combination of “flutter” and “queen”.


HP: 75
ATT: 90
DEF: 50
SA: 60
SD: 80
SPD: 100

Total: 455


Bug: Fury Cutter, Signal Beam, Lunge, String Shot, Twineedle, Leech Life
Grass: Aromatherapy
Normal: Bide, Defense Curl, Disable, Flail, Flash, Quick Attack, Sharpen
Flying: Air Slash
Steel: Flash Cannon, Metal Burst, Steel Wing, Meteor Mash, Iron Defense


For those still interested, I’m about to drop several in a row here. I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them! :stuck_out_tongue:


As I get ready to update this thread, I just realized that this will bring me to 149 shared Pokemon from my dex.

By type:


  1. Water - 34
  2. Bug - 33
  3. Grass - 23
  4. Rock, Ghost - 15
  5. Normal, Dark, Fire - 13
  6. Poison - 12
  7. Ice, Ground - 11
  8. Flying, Steel - 10
  9. Electric - 9
  10. Fairy, Fighting - 8
  11. Dragon, Psychic - 7


In honor of Halloween and Yamask being added, I’m going to next share my mummy Poikemon. I actually created this around 15 years ago … yeah … I’ve been doing this a looooong time. lol


Timid Pokemon

Type: Ghost
Ht: 2’ 7"
Wt: 30 lbs
Abilities: Mummy, Cursed Body

Timankh are ghost Pokemon doomed to remain inside of the structure that they died or were buried in. They inhabit ruins, mausoleums, pyramids, and other similar buildings and can only escape by being caught by a trainer. Unfortunately, they are not aware of this phenomenon and shy away from human contact. Despite their timid nature, they are naturally curious Pokemon who will follow humans who have entered their home. They can usually be seen a safe distance away, mostly hidden from sight, spying on trainers. They will attempt to flee if discovered but, fortunately for those hunting them, are slow moving Pokemon.

Timankh is based on the appearance of a common mummy. It’s name is a portmanteau of “timid” due to it’s shy nature, and “ankh” which is the most common Egyptian hieroglyph used and is considered the symbol of life.


HP: 45
ATT: 40
DEF: 80
SA: 60
SD: 60
SPD: 20

Total: 305

… at level 33, Timankh evolves into …


Bonded Pokemon

Type: Ghost/Ground
Ht: 7’ 6"
Wt: 580 lbs
Abilities: Mummy, Sand Stream, Sand Force

Terrankh are so thankful that a trainer has removed them from their prison, that they feel forever indebted to them. A Terrankh considers itself to be bonded with it’s trainer and will go to great lengths to defend them and those that they love, making them excellent guardian Pokemon. For trainers, Terrankh are easy to train for those who are experienced due to their fierce loyalty and willingness to listen to commands. Should a trainer trade a Terrankh, it will become very sad and unable to battle or train for several weeks.

Terrankh is based off of the common appearance of a mummy as well as an Egyptian sarcophagus. It’s name is a combination of “terror”, “terrible”, or “terra-” which is a suffix for Earth and “ankh”.


HP: 80
ATT: 60
DEF: 120
SA: 100
SD: 130
SPD: 25

Total: 515


Dark: Feint Attack, Torment, Brutal Swing, Dark Pulse
Ghost: Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Destiny Bond, Ominous Wind, Shadow Punch, Hex
Ground: Sand Attack, Earthquake, Fissure, Spikes, Sand Tomb
Normal: Pound, Mega Punch, Slam, Headbutt, Tackle, Wrap, Leer, Constrict


Should have something new up tonight. :slight_smile:


Some bird Pokemon. It’s been awhile. lol


Canary Pokemon

Type: Flying/Electric
Ht: 1’ 0"
Wt: 6 lbs
Abilities: Big Pecks, Defiant

Trisadee are small bird Pokemon who not only evolve into a very useful Pokemon for trainers, but are a common pet due to it’s docile and friendly nature. Trisadee, in fact, are no longer found in their natural forest habitat but instead are now found in urban areas. They are quite welcome in their newfound habitat and are a common sound in any large city. Their singing is considered beautiful and it is difficult for anyone to not stop and listen. Adding to their cheerful demeanor is the fact that they are harmless - Trisadee generate very little electricity and when they do accidentally shock anyone, it feels like a minor static shock.

Tricadee is based on a common canary. It’s name is the second half of the word “electricity”, but also a play on the word “chickadee”.


HP: 30
ATT: 60
DEF: 35
SA: 50
SD: 40
SPD: 60

Total: 275

… at level 20, Trisadee evolves into …


Cockatiel Pokemon

Type: Flying/Electric
Ht: 2’ 4"
Wt: 20 lbs
Abilities: Big Pecks, Defiant

Shockatiel are solitary bird Pokemon who prefer to be left alone. Much like their pre-evolutions, they now prefer urban habitats but would rather remain as high up as possible, making them a common sight on rooftops and especially electrical wires. While they usually dine on bug Pokemon, they like to also drink electrical currents. Fortunately, this does not effect humans as they also add their own charge to the line or object that they are drinking from. Shockatiel are distrustful of humans and are quick to anger though. If they feel threatened or even mildly put out, they are quick to blast the guilty party with a jolt of electricity and flee.

Shockatiel is a combination of a canary and a cockatiel. Their name is a play on the word “cockatiel”, combining it with “shock”.


HP: 50
ATT: 75
DEF: 55
SA: 65
SD: 55
SPD: 80

Total: 380

… at level 38, Shockatiel evolves into …


Mach Pokemon

Type: Flying/Electric
Ht: 4’ 0"
Wt: 62 lbs
Abilities: Big Pecks, Defiant, Galvanize

Unlike their pre-evolutions, Swiftrel do not prefer urban areas but would rather live in their original habitats. This includes forests, deserts, and especially plains. Swiftrel were once thought to bring thunderstorms due to their love of them. When they were more abundant, they would often be seen in large flocks during such storms, adding their own electrical charges to them. This was a rare sight since Swiftrel are normally solitary bird Pokemon. Swiftrel are among the fastest Pokemon on the planet and are known to announce their departure with a loud sonic boom.

Swiftrel is a combination of a canary and a kestrel, which is a large bird of prey. It’s name is a combination of “swift”, due to it’s extreme speed, and “kestrel”.


HP: 70
ATT: 85
DEF: 65
SA: 90
SD: 80
SPD: 135

Total: 525


Dark: Hone Claws
Electric: Zap Cannon, Thunder, Thunder Shock, Charge, Shock Wave, Electro Ball, Wild Charge, Nuzzle
Flying: Wing Attack, Peck, Drill Peck, Sky Attack, Roost, Air Slash, Acrobatics
Normal: Scratch, Whirlwind, Razor Wind, Fury Attack, Supersonic, Sonic Boom, Quick Attack, Screech, Slash


Good one the last form looks cool


Seeing if this is still worth doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly, I’m always really enjoying your creations, but it’s up to you if you want to continue or not. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, of course.


They are fun and I like doing them, they just take time to do. I’ll still do them if enough people are reading. It makes it worthwhile. :wink:


Four people? Good enough. :wink:


It’s funny because after years of several people creating a “worm in an apple” Pokemon like this one, the idea has finally been implemented into the game with Applin, Flapple, and Appletun in Sword and Shield. lol


I have created and shared 149 Pokemon now … or an entire dex. :rofl:

  1. Folianid - Bug/Grass

  2. Arachnibush -Bug/Grass

  3. Magdible - Bug

  4. Ugbuzz - Bug/Flying

  5. Vectasite - Bug/Dark

  6. Corvae - Bug/Grass

  7. Applopod - Bug/Grass

  8. Duplipilar - Bug/Poison

  9. Lumicase - Bug/Poison

  10. Flutterking - Bug/Psychic

  11. Flutterking - Bug/Steel

  12. Snowy-poly - Bug/Ice

  13. Cubeipede - Bug/Ice

  14. Scubeetle - Bug/Water

  15. Aquatail - Bug/Water

  16. Spydorb - Bug/Dark

  17. Cranipace - Bug/Dark

  18. Vermshade - Bug/Poison

  19. Noctantula - Bug/Poison

  20. Silpillar - Bug

  21. Sylmoth - Bug/Fairy

  22. Mortdusk - Bug/Ghost

  23. Oreworm - Bug/Ground

  24. Olisary - Bug/Ground

  25. Wormiad - Bug/Ground

  26. Larvacopter - Bug/Flying

  27. Scimisect - Bug/Steel

  28. Samuflai - Bug/Poison

  29. Kamikazbee - Fire/Bug

  30. Beezooka - Fire/Bug

  31. Quailing - Normal

  32. Quailant - Normal/Flying

  33. Quailhawk - Normal/Flying

  34. Trisadee - Flying/Electric

  35. Shockatiel - Flying/Electric

  36. Swiftrel - Flying/Electric

  37. Meanu - Normal

  38. Krassowary - Normal

  39. Terribird - Normal

  40. Grasslet - Grass/Poison

  41. Conestrictor - Grass/Poison

  42. Reptoil - Ground/Poison

  43. Reptox - Ground/Poison

  44. Lashrat - Normal

  45. Stomprat - Normal/Fighting

  46. Floajel - Water

  47. Venozoan - Water/Poison

  48. Jelectric - Water/Electric

  49. Steamarine - Water/Fire

  50. Hydrolurk - Water/Steel

  51. Platyke - Water

  52. Platphoon - Water/Poison

050.Buogong - Water/Electric
051. Manawatt - Water/Electric

  1. Tadswift - Water

  2. Shinphibian - Water/Fighting

  3. Bullywart - Water/Dark

  4. Dunemew - Ground

  5. Purraoh - Ground/Psychic

  6. Shrabbit - Normal

  7. Leapalope - Normal

  8. Antalloy - Normal/Steel

  9. Rhiwool - Ice

  10. Oppoceros - Ice/Fire

  11. Suncub - Fire

  12. Heliomaul - Fire/Dark

  13. Calflare - Fire

  14. Solataur - Fire/Steel

  15. Marsupitail - Normal

  16. Hypnossum - Normal/Psychic

  17. Possmortem - Ghost/Psychic

  18. Harghast - Ghost/Grass

  19. Scaregrow - Ghost/Grass

  20. Hauntom - Ghost

  21. Floatasm - Ghost

  22. Reveclang - Ghost/Steel

  23. Timankh - Ghost

  24. Terrankh - Ghost/Ground

  25. Driftseed - Grass/Fairy

  26. Dandecub - Grass/Fairy

  27. Dandemane - Grass/Fairy

  28. Bluelark - Flying

  29. Frostjay - Flying/Ice

  30. Spoonfowl - Flying/Water

  31. Stiltfowl - Flying/Water

  32. Frybarb -Water

  33. Sawbarb - Water/Steel

  34. Deepmaw - Water

  35. Deeplure - Water/Dark

  36. Angelflage - Water

  37. Discappear - Water

  38. Odontocharge - Water/Dark

  39. Skelefish - Water/Ghost

  40. Cartifin - Water/Ghost

  41. Leviawraith - Water/Ghost

  42. Orble - Rock

  43. Pawnite - Rock

  44. Azureking - Rock/Fighting

  45. Crimsonarch - Rock/Psychic

  46. Cindimp - Fire

  47. Combustump - Grass/Fire

  48. Bonpyre - Grass/Fire

  49. Orbelite - Steel/Electric

  50. Astrosphere - Steel/Electric

  51. Bulbroot - Grass

  52. Curbludgeon - Grass/Fighting

  53. Fauxavian - Grass/Flying

  54. Lilavolt - Grass/Electric

  55. Arumdoom - Grass/Poison

  56. Fluxie - Flying/Fairy

  57. Rubyfae - Flying/Fairy

  58. Purlock - Dark

  59. Feclipse - Dark/Poison

  60. Shaleback - Rock

  61. Citashell - Rock/Steel

  62. Dreamian - Fairy

  63. Evecatch - Fairy/Psychic

  64. Mirraunt - Ghost

  65. Replenant - Ghost/Dark

  66. Dopplescare - Ghost/Dark

  67. Sasclod - Ground

  68. Grasquatch - Ground/Grass

  69. Snowical - Ice

  70. Anthrolanche - Ice

  71. Rotundra - Ice/Fighting

  72. Krillton - Water

  73. Clashstacean - Water/Fighting

  74. Speedah - Electric

  75. Conducticat - Electric

  76. Thermasail - Rock/Fire

  77. Magmadon - Rock/Fire

  78. Geonychus - Rock

  79. Electroraptor - Rock/Electric

  80. Sharklet - Rock/Water

  81. Predalodon - Rock/Water

  82. Sharcicle - Ice

  83. Stalagmander - Ice/Dragon

  84. Blizzaurus - Ice/Dragon

  85. Carapin - Water

  86. Navoise - Water

  87. Tordrake - Water/Dragon

  88. Appemite - Bug

  89. Clawigg - Bug

  90. Dracosect - Bug/Dragon

  91. Rockgoyle - Rock

  92. Gothgoyle - Rock/Dragon

  93. Dragoyle - Rock/Dragon

  94. Traplant - Grass/Dark

  95. Briavore - Grass/Dark

  96. Wyvine - Grass/Dragon

  97. Hexdawl - Ghost/Fighting

  98. Voodkin - Ghost/Fighting


I’m finishing up some new stuff. Will probably be posted after the holidays.


Haven’t forgotten this! Just got a little busy. :wink:


So behind on this. lol … I blame my Nintendo Switch. :wink:

I do still intend to post more, BUT … a friend and I are also creating a Youtube channel and one of the focuses will, of course, be Pokemon. One weekly segment will be my Fakemon. :smiley:


Update to my pokemon I made

Mon based off me:


ATK: 245
DEF: 186
STA: 199

Fast Moves: Karate Chop, Charm, Dragon Tail, Hidden Power

Charge Moves: Outrage, Moonblast, Dynamic Punch, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Focus Blast, Rock Slide

My cat:


ATK: 307
DEF: 201
STA: 168

Fast Moves: Scratch, Shadow Claw, Charm, Bite

Charge Moves: Dragon Claw, Shadow Ball, Night Slash, Play Rough, Outrage, Foul Play

My dog


ATK: 256
DEF: 176
STA: 217

Fast Moves: Bite, Charm, Scratch, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Extrasensory

Charge Moves: Crunch, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Hyper Fang, Night Slash, Fire Blast, Thunder, Aurora Beam