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Statical Charge (Ability) Raise the user’s Attack, Sp. Atk, and Speed but lowers Defense and Sp. Def. Also has 55% chance of parylizing opponent.


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Finally some new Pokemon from my dex. An early game lizard Pokemon …


Gila Pokemon

Type: Ground/Poison
Ht: 1’ 8"
Wt: 15 lbs
Abilities: Shed Skin, Poison Point

Reptoil are common Pokemon for young trainers as they can be found burrowing underground in all environments and climates. Shy but friendly, you must be careful when handling a Reptoil as it has a very poisonous bite. On top of that, it’s vice-like jaw can clamp onto a target making a Reptoil very difficult to remove. Reptoil can also run backwards just as quickly as it can run forward due to it’s long and fat tail which gives it perfect balance.

Reptoil is based on a baby gila monster. It’s name is a portmanteau of “reptile” and “soil”. It is also a play on the word reptile.


HP: 40
AT: 45
DEF: 50
SA: 30
SD: 30
SPD: 40
Total: 235

… at level 24, Reptoil evolves into …


Poison Jaw Pokemon

Type: Ground/Poison
Ht: 3’ 10"
Wt: 110 lbs
Abilities: Shed Skin, Poison Point, Guts

Non-aggressive, but certainly more dangerous than their pre-evolutions, a single Reptox can create an elaborate series of underground tunnels. This sometimes causes problems if they choose to live near civilization and in some areas, Reptox are considered a pest. Reptox have one of the most dangerous and venomous bites on the planet. Making them doubly dangerous is their ability to launch poison from their nostrils at a target that is several feet away. Faster than it’s appearance would indicate, Reptox can run forward, backwards, and sideways without losing any speed or agility. If it weren’t so docile, some theorize that Reptox would be an apex predator.

Reptox is based off of a gila monster. It’s name is a portmanteau of “reptile” and “toxic”.


HP: 85
AT: 100
DEF: 90
SA: 75
SD: 85
SPD: 80
Total: 515


Dragon: Dragon Dance
Fire: Fire Fang
Ground: Sand Attack, Fissure, Dig, Mudslap, Sand Tomb, Magnitude
Normal: Slam, Tail Whip, Hyper Fang, Scary Face, Lock-On, Odor Sleuth
Poison: Toxic, Poison Fang, Gastro Acid, Acid Spray, Venom Drench


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Shrimp Pokemon

Type: Water
Ht: 0.5"
Wt: 0.2 lbs
Abilities: Damp, Hydration

Krillton are extremely rare Pokemon for trainers, not because they aren’t plentiful, but because they are difficult to see. Their shimmering bodies and miniscule size disguises them in plain site as they float among seaweed and along the ocean floor. The color pattern on each Krillton is different, making them common trophies for aquariums and trainers alike.

Ktillton are based on several types of ocean shrimp and other tiny crustaceans. Their name is a combination of “krill” and “plankton”, which are both microscopic ocean creatures.


HP: 10
AT: 15
DEF: 20
SA: 20
SD: 25
SPD: 60
Total: 150

… at level 30, Krillton evolves into …


Knockout Pokemon

Type: Water/Fighting
Ht: 3’ 6"
Wt: 35 lbs
Abilities: Damp, Hydration, Defiant

Krillton are also prized due to their evolved form, Clashstacean. Hyper aggressive and ill-tempered, Clashstacean have one of the most powerful and fastest punches of all Pokemon. It is so powerful that it can dent steel, crush rocks, crush shelled Pokemon, and can shatter glass. Sought after due to their prowess in battles as well as their colorful appearance, Clashstacean are difficult to catch in the wild due to their nasty temper. Most trainers seeking one will try their chances at trying to find a Krillton instead.

Clashstacean are based on the peacock mantis shrimp who, much like it’s Pokemon counterpart, can crack glass and shatter shells with it’s punch. It’s name is a combination of 'clash" and “crustacean”.


HP: 70
AT: 150
DEF: 55
SA: 75
SD: 60
SPD: 100
Total: 510


Bug: Quiver Dance, Tail Glow
Fighting: Counter, Submission, Reversal, Mach Punch, Dynamic Punch, Detect, Rock Smash
Ice: Ice Punch
Normal: Pound, Comet Punch, Vice Grip, Bind, Tail Whip
Water: Bubble Beam, Waterfall, Crabhammer, Water Sport, Brine, Scald

The peacock mantis shrimp:


colorful shrimp


I have more almost ready to share, but just wanted to point out that I have now posted 126 of these! lol

Thank you to all who still read this. :slight_smile:

The breakdown by type so far:

  1. Water - 29
  2. Bug - 25
  3. Grass - 18
  4. Rock - 15
  5. Ghost - 13
  6. Ice, Dark - 11
  7. Normal, Fire, Flying - 10
  8. Ground, Poison - 9
  9. Steel, Fairy, Fighting - 8
  10. Psychic, Dragon, Electric - 6


Thank you for your time and effort in these designs





Maggot Pokemon

Type: Bug
Ht: 1’ 0"
Wt: 6.5 lbs
Abilities: Immunity, Compound Eyes

Magdible are hyper common bug Pokemon that can be found virtually anywhere. Extremely durable, Magdible are able to survive in intense heat and harsh cold. Anywhere there is organic material, a Magdible can live. Their preferred food source, however, are fruit. An infestation of Magdible is a death sentence for any farmer as they will wipe out entire crops in a matter of days.

Magdible are based off of common maggots. It’s name is a portmanteau of “maggot” and “mandible”.


HP: 40
AT: 50
DEF: 25
SA: 20
SD: 30
SPD: 20
Total: 185

… at level 14, Magdible evolves into …


Housefly Pokemon

Type: Bug/Flying
Ht: 2’ 1"
Wt: 48 lbs
Abilities: Immunity, Compound Eyes

Just like their pre-evolutions, Ugzubb are super common bug Pokemon who can also be found just about anywhere. Not nearly as damaging as Magdible, Ugzubb are more annoying than anything. Clumsy fliers, they routinely bounce of off buildings, trees, people, and other Pokemon. This doesn’t seem to phase them as they continue flying anyway, continually bouncing off of anything in their path.

Ugzubb are based on the common housefly. Their name is a combination of “ugly” and “buzz” backwards.


HP: 55
AT: 70
DEF: 50
SA: 45
SD: 60
SPD: 70
Total: 350

… at level 28, Ugzubb evolves into …


Mosquito Pokemon

Type: Bug/Dark
Ht: 3’ 8"
Wt: 80 lbs
Abilities: Immunity, Compound Eyes, Infiltrator

Magdible are pests, Ugzubb are a nuisance, but Vectasite are deadly predatory insects that are feared by all. Armed with a viscous pointed mouth and elite speed, Vectasite travel in packs attacking everything they see. Vectasite require the life force of humans and other Pokemon to survive and require a constant flow of it to sustain themselves even for one day. This causes them to spend their entire existence hunting. Due to this this, Vectasite are common sites in heavily populated areas and many cities forbid them to be brought inside of city limits, even by seasoned trainers.

Vectasite are based off of mosquitoes. Their name is a portmanteau of “vector” which is a term for a disease carrier, and “parasite”.


HP: 70
AT: 100
DEF: 60
SA: 65
SD: 85
SPD: 125
Total: 505


Bug: Pin Missile, Leech Life, Fury Cutter, Bug Buzz, Bug Bite, Fell Stinger, Infestation
Dark: Pursuit, Feint Attack, Torment, Nasty Plot, Foul Play
Flying: Aerial Ace, Acrobatics
Normal: Cut, Quick Attack, Screech, Double Team, Lock-On, Odor Sleuth
Poison: Poison Sting


Sometimes, I also like sillier Pokemon …

If you use an “Exquisite Apple” on a Magdible, it evolves into …


Symbiotic Pokemon

Type: Bug/Grass
Ht: 0’ 10"
Wt: 2 lbs
Abilities: Guts, Chlorophyll

A Magdible will hollow out the very rare Exquisite Apple and begin consuming it from the inside. This causes the two to become one and creates a symbiotic relationship between the two, causing Magdible to evolve into Corvae. Corvae spend a lot of time hanging from trees, appearing (for the most part) to be normal apples. Never peeking it’s head out, Corvae will fire seeds from inside it’s fruit shell, knocking other fruit down so that they may consume them. Corvae have often been picked up by Pokemon and humans alike, only to find themselves pelted with a seed attack so that it may escape.

Corvae are based on a typical worm inside of an apple. This has been a common fake Pokemon created by many, this is just my take on the idea. It’s name is a portmanteau of “core” as in an apple core and “larvae”.


HP: 45
AT: 55
DEF: 60
SA: 30
SD: 55
SPD: 40
Total: 295

… at level 30, Corvae evolves into …


Apple Worm Pokemon

Type: Bug/Grass
Ht: 3’ 10"
Wt: 65 lbs
Abilities: Guts, Chlorophyll, Limber

Eventually, a Corvae will start to outgrow it’s apple host. When this happens, it evolves into an Applopod. Applopod are friendly Pokemon that give off a pleasant scent. Once evolved, Applopod are frequently kept in homes as a natural air freshener due to this as well as their docile demeanor. In the wild, Applopod are rare encounters for trainers due to how rare the evolution item required is to find. It’s unclear whether or not the worm creature inside is able to leave the apple host at this point or if the two are permanently merged.

Applopod is a worm creature merged with an apple. It’s name is a combination “apple” and “arthropod”.


HP: 85
AT: 75
DEF: 95
SA: 90
SD: 110
SPD: 75
Total: 530


Bug: String Shot, Tail Glow, Silver Wind, Signal Beam, Struggle Bug, Steamroller, Powder
Fighting: Bulk Up
Flying: Bounce, Tailwind, Defog
Grass: Giga Drain, Razor Leaf, Aromatherapy, Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, Spiky Shield, Vine Whip
Normal: Double Slap, Bind, Wrap, Skull Bash


New stuff coming this weekend! :slight_smile: