Post Your Celebi


Got em! @matheusmt10 might of gotten it a day before me, but mines stronger :sunglasses:


Congratulations man knew you would do it


Thank you @Cup


I’m still stuck on the hash nine eggs part been working too much


You’ll get it!


Still stuck on 9 eggs, didnt hatch a single one and will probably only do so when the holidays end, game is too boring for me rn


Create targets for you self to reach.
It helps keeping things interesting.


1 2 3 4 I scream for gen 4!


I’m still stuck on evolve evolved grass type


No hoppip near you?


New dex :wink:


Have you duoed TTAR? Good goal.


Congratulation @5GodLink, I am on egg stage, 4 more eggs to go. Should we wait for the stardust event next week to hatch the rest of the eggs?


If you got enough paitence, i would just do it all now.


I completed first Eevee walking requirement but can’t evolve it until morning.


Nice, have fun.


Nice, still stuck with four eggs to hatch. Not gonna rush.


I’m stuck on the Gifts now. Perhaps I should add some more people from the megathread😆.


Ah, still havent done that


I’m on the hardest tast for people that have no friends close by to trade. 5/8 - Trade a Pokémon.