Possible new quests


Maybe more gym quests. Themed. “drop bird types in gym” “drop rock type”


Those would be good very good idea!


Many players would do it ! Maybe a physic type as a reward?


I love bird types! :wink:


These would be awesome! Some change from all the Blisseys and Vaporeons. I really love themed gyms, makes me wanna battle it and then pop a gold berry on the opposite team


Rewards could be a meta of that type or strongest mon.

Psychic can be Alakazam or Gardevoir or Espeon and Fire can be a charizard or blaziken, And so on. Atleast 3 different types of Pokemon can be caught with Good Ivs lvl 20-25(?) giving trainers a big variety of rewards.

Psychic - Alakazam, Gardevoir, Espeon
Fire - Charizard, Blaziken, Magmortar(when released)
Water- Vapereon, Garaydos, Poliwrath
Dark - Umbreon, Zorark(when released), Gengar
Flying - Pidgeot, Tropius, Farfetch’d
Dragon - Salemence, Dragonair, Garchomp(when released)
Ice - Delibird, Glaceon(when released), Ninetales(alolan)
Ground - Tyranitar, Golem, Ryhperior
fighting - promape, blaziken, hitmontop
electric - Pikachu(alolan), Jolteon, Electrivivre(when released)
Steel- scizo, steelix, almaldo
poison - muk(alolan),nidoking, nidoqueen


the quest could be a series of gym challenges.

First wave your reward can be lvl15 and 2nd be lvl20 and last be lvl30


How about the other 6 types? (Normal/Rock/Bug/Fairy/Grass/Ghost)

Armaldo isn’t a Steel type and Gengar isn’t a Dark type btw.


kinda busy with family right now just did list quick, knew someone would be strict bout it please use imagination


Yeah, we should see something like this. I like it.
Maybe too add up some new quests we could see:

  • Trade one time.

  • Trade … times.

  • Catch a shiny (CD?)

  • Catch … shinies (CD?)

  • Get a bronze/silver/gold gym badge

  • Get … bronze/silver/gold gym badges

  • Collect … candy.

  • Catch an alolan Rattata.

  • Catch … alolan Rattata.

  • Walk … km.

  • Invite a friend.

  • Collect … stardust (or XP/coins).

  • Join a gym.

Maybe. At least some trading-related quests.


I really hope there will NEVER be a quest requiring to catch shinies… But I like the other ideas :blush:


I want a quest to allow me to get a new, slow paw that’s better than the one I caught that was a wonderful 399 cp !!! i want another slow poke give me your slowpoke now or you a maniac


These quests look good.but PTC under age of 13 could not do the friend system quests…


The main problem with the gym badges one is with rurals and non-travelling players. My town and the slightly bigger town just along the road are all at silver badges on all gyms and gold on a few. I hope they add in a visible gym xp tracker and maybe then it could be obtain 1000 gym xp or even just 150.


Maybe only bronze or silver instead.


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