Possible duplicated Pokemon?


So… I’m currently in Singapore celebrating my birthday, and today we had come to the zoo. I hopped on PGO (mainly cause every other time I was in a populated place I found a masterpiece) and nothing interesting spawned. But what caught my eye is how there were 3 yellow gyms, All with the lowest Pokemon being the same Blissett, 3219 CP, from the same person? Is there a glitch that we don’t know about? Is it possible to put the same Pokemon in different gyms now?? (You can see they are all 3 different gyms top left)


I have been a bit cheeky and downloaded a app to let me see what the movesets and IVS on the blisseys are, and they are literally the exact same. How??


There is a 4th.


I would guess the person is probably a spoofed who found 3 100% IV Pokémon and has them all posted at the zoo.


There’s a 4th now, remember they all have the same movesets too. EXACT same IVs. Thatd be hard for even a spoofer to get 4 of the exact same.


I mean either way it’s super unfair if they are a spoofer or not… I mean a 100% perfect IV blisseys at 3219 CP… 4 of them… and if they spoofed even worse


Two Blisseys with 100% IV and totally powered up with the trainers at top level (39) have to have the same CP equal to the maximum for Blissey, which is 3219.
I have a 100% Blissey at lv 29,5 and he has exactly the CP of 2713, equal to the max at this level.
A different thing is the moveset… But to come up to lv39 you have to catch a lot of pokemon, so the chance to find two with 100% and the same movesets exists, but is low. And really four of them… it’s more easy to win in a lottery


True. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw them. Has to be spoofing, …or they started leg day when they were born and have grinded the sh*t out of 10k eggs


Jajajaja, you’re right. The way to level 39 is soooo long, I don’t like it, but up to some point I understand people who try to shorten it.


Not too surprising; they used global/local scanners to snipe (back when it was possible) those 100% Blisseys, maybe some 100% Chanseys (and got a bit lucky with the move sets), then used the power-up trick to bring them beyond level 39 to level 40.

Moving forward starting with Gen 3, if Niantic is as successful with disrupting scanner/bot accounts as they were this time, then this should be the last you ever see of this.


Hopefully. Me and my mum both thought it was unfair (she plays PGO too and knows the blisseys scene). It’s almost impossible to take our by ourselves. Oh well. Hopefully they get caught and banned if they were spoofing :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know why Niantic hasn’t done more to ban such blatant cheaters. The bot players should be so obvious. Anyone with 10,000+ km walked should be suspect. 10,000 km walked means you walked 30+ km a day every day since the game was released …


Exactly. But, from recent anti-spoofing updates, I can say I’m currently happy with how many spoofers they have got rid of. It’s only a quick fixup to get rid of the next few.


That sounds good in theory, but how do they go about enforcement? The problem is just like crime, it’s easy to pass laws or make something illegal but it’s harder to enforce those laws. Same goes for spoofers, unless someone turned the person in to Niantic how would they know about the problem and be able to ban those accounts?


i thought that this man have a lot of blissey with perfect iv (same IV) and he placing those pokemon on several gyms. its quite possible since snipe or fly activities still high (most active player here are spoofer). they just need go to the vegas and using vegaspokeemap and boom he got a tons of chansey nor blissey…


Personally I would like to see a distance traveled option instead of distance walked, say for example if a spoofers was to teleport etc it’s calculate the distance between the start and end points. Although they’ve already added a function that stops sniping a bit, no person would be willing to walk or travel 100-200km in a day, they should flag those accounts instead of banning them, and if they still try when they are flagged then they know they are a suspect