Pokestops, Gyms & Raids - Do they drop more of specific items that you have in higher quantity?


Me and a lot of the other players in my town have seen that when we have a lot of a single item, we seem to get more of it. I’ve seen this when I had no ultra balls left and I spun 200 pokestops in one day, and got none. One of my friends had the same experience, but with 80 pokestops.

My items right now look like this![Screenshot_20180529-080947|468x500](upload://u9wDIspY5LhpzNywxzJifX70t46.jpg
And it seems that I may even be getting more ultra balls than pokeballs. I also have no potions at all (I’ve done a lot of raids recently) and on my friends’ phones they seem to be getting 12 super potions or thereabouts per raid, whilst I am getting golden razz berries mainly, which I am nearing 200 of.


I allways try to have at least 20 of all types (balls, potions, etc), so I don’t come to this extrem of not have any.

But I have another experience. It seems as if the app has counters about the last items used, and you get at least with higher frecuency these items.
This would be at the same line than your experience. If you don’t have Ultraballs, you cannot use them, so your using-counter stays in cero. The same with potions…

But as allways in this game, it’s all about probabilities. The frecuenciy never goes to cero, only it’s higher than normal for some type.


Cero is not a word, I don’t know what you’re talking about


I mean zero = 0 = nothing = null


Cero is also the number “0” in Spanish


I’ve been saying this for a long time that the Game AI is a lot smarter than most give it credit for.
It’s all done to keep you playing longer. You need certain items, you have to play longer to get them.
That’s why I work on a series of mins and maxes in the bag to avoid getting into that cycle.
I have the same issue with one of the kids acct being low on revives. I’m trashing them daily back to 90 on my acct but can’t get the number to climb above 40-50 on the other one.




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