Pokémons since Adventure Week


Has anyone else seen an increase in the common ones- to the point that they are all you see? I’ve only seen Pidgeys, Rats, and Weedles, with maybe a ledyba mixed in. And most are less than 100CP. Anyone else?


No, I have had a mix today, Abra, Growlithe, Sudowoodo, Jigglypuff, Poliwag, Koffing, Sunkern…


I see a good mix. Lots of water types back home, desert types at my parents house where we are visiting.


Ive not noticed the rock type event was over. Still catching rhydons gravelers golems and omastars


just the regulars here: poliwags, staryus, goldeens and from time to time a dratini (5 the last 4 days)


Nothing exciting since the event ended


I got a couple dratini today, ive caught about a months worth of dratini in the last week or so. Might be around water biomes more I guess. missed out on a Heracross because the app stopped responding. I caught a mareep about an hour after the event ended and a meganium recently. I’ve also seen an odd increase in corsola since the event ended.

It does seem like the CP on wild Pokémon have been lower than usual


Trainer in Oz and I have noticed since the event ended that the 1st & 2nd stage evolutions are appearing more frequently.


Nothing special over here since the event ended. Waiting for the next event.