Pokémon without weakness?


Now Pokémon can be either of one or two types, and have at least one weakness like those normal types, is it possible to add one type to the existing Pokémon and make them no weakness? If yes, what are the type combinations?


Pokemon have always been single or duel types.
No matter what the typing I’m confident they will always have a weakness to something.


Before gen 6 released the fairy type, spiritomb and sableye had no weaknesses


But what about Mr Mime. Did he got retyped?


It’s for a fun speculation, if a third type is allowed to add to Pokémon with duo types, is it possible to make it no weakness?


He did, but he still is weak for bug, ghost, steel


Clefairy got a full retype, for example. Prior to gen 6 it was a normal type, but after that a fairy type.


Actually, Mr. Mime is weak to Ghost, Poison and Steel. Fairy resists Bug but is weak to Poison in addition to Steel.


Eelektross, Eelektrik and Tynamo have no weakness as long as Smack Down, Teravolt, Turboblaze, Gastro Acid, Mold Breaker, Mummy, Simple Beam, Gravity, Iron Ball, Entrainment and Neutralizing Gas dont come into play


Looks strange, but indeed: Pure electric types who are immune to ground instead of weak due to their ability. I’m wondering how NIantic would fix this in Pokemon Go, as their are no abilities in there.


They wont, but abilities might come one day and do just that