Pokemon Type Events - Which Ones are Missing?


I really like those Pokemon Type Events. Currently having a blast getting lots of Ralts.

Which Types are still missing from Niantic’s target?
If I remember correctly, we’ve had Water, Ice, Psychic, Electric, Fighting…maybe Dragon?


Not dragon.


We have had fire.


Also, grass, 2017.


Not Dragon? No idea where I came up with it then…
I also don’t remember how was my fire event!

I wish Ground gets saved until we have Gible.


Haha, so glad you arent quitting, gen IV is here.

Ground event would be awesome, Larv and Gible frenzy!


Need Dragon event so I can get last gold medal.


I can remember we have had Fire, Ice, Grass, Ghost, Rock, Water, Psychic, Fighting… Not sure about Electric.

I really hope on a normal event with new shinies - One should be the Pidgey family.


Ground/rock theme was for adventure event or something iirc




Let’s try something else.
Here are all known Pokémon types (at least I hope so) and the events that (I think) they were featured in. Feel free to add more when I forgot something. I explicitly leave out community days here.

  • Bug - no event
  • Dark - might be included in “spooky Pokémon” for Halloween, but they don’t have their own event
  • Dragon - no event, and I don’t think there will ever be one, there are not many dragon Pokémon and they are too valueable
  • Electric - no event
  • Fairy - no even
  • Fighting - Battle Showdown 2018
  • Fire - Solstice event 2017 (“Fire and Ice”)
  • Flying - no event
  • Ghost - Halloween events, but in general they keep talking about “spooky Pokémon” there
  • Grass - Worldwide Bloom (May 2017)
  • Ground - no event (Ground was not explicitly included in Adventure week, but since many rock types are also ground types, it seemed as if)
  • Ice - Solstice event 2017 (“Fire and Ice”)
  • Normal - no event
  • Psychic - Psychic spectacular 2018
  • Poison - no explicit event, but some have been included in Halloween events (e.g. Zubat)
  • Rock - Adventure Weeks
  • Steel - no event
  • Water - Water festivals


we need a smeargle event


or any 12 candy stage one evo family


Dragon i think


So dratini CD didn’t count as a dragon-type event? Even if it was, I’d love another one of those.

Does @Pokemon’s ‘larv’ mean larvitar? I could really stand to have another larvitar CD, since I have a new trainer now who could really use a tyranitar or two.

I just hope whatever events we have aren’t limited to mid-Sunday, when for me work is obligatory not optional.


Yes, I mean larvitar.


The real mvp.


I was thinking about counting CDs as events.
If we do we’d have had the Daratini CD as dragon event and Pikachu and Mareep as electric events.


That was my thought, too. And the 2 weeks or so sometime in '16 or '17 with elevated spawn rates for fighting types (especially machop) has to have qualified as a machop event. It almost seemed like a Community Fortnight.

Wouldn’t mind another of those, either, though.


I don’t think you should count Community Days as Type Events, as just one Pokémon is boosted. Not a whole type.