Pokémon Star (3DS)?


I just saw this witchery:

Can someone tell me if it’s real or just fake?


It’s not an official Pokémon game, it’s s fan-made game, but it is real and playable.


Thank you very much. And how can you get it? I suppose via Download etc but I’m a Tech-Noob xD


BASE -https://mega.nz/#!hFw2ULzL!ydv6pKrSNt
PATCH V0.1C - https://mega.nz/#!cE4SHLAK!Kqnig211an
According to the YT video


Awesome! Fan-games are my FAVORITE! Looks better than Ultra Sun and Moon, However, it says the links are invalid.
EDIT: Apparently, you have to pay real money for it…Looks like I’m back to Uranium! (Free)