Pokemon memes yah


I just did. I guess this section is done now.


Exactly, there are a range of meme I don’t like nothing


There are some good memes and some bad memes. But it’s fun to watch.


After the video, it will be hard to post something new


For me because I don’t want to see something so bad anymore…


I know you are Mod, but some of us find humor in the simple stuff.


I did.


It has nothing to do of being Mod, I don’t like it, and that’s all. I will not take any action against it.


Inapp, pls delete


I blurred it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.


It is not allowed, so delete it pls, my flags dont work so


Nobody else complained.


Let’s just move along, peeps


Its a youtube link to a clip that shows alot of pokemon memes, in a topic thats literally called “Pokemon Memes”… Whats not allowed about that?

(Its a rhetorical question, no need to answer. Lets get back to the memes)


It contains inapp stuff(even look at the preview you get of the video)


Then report it to Youtube. If its not too bad for them its not too bad for me.


Forums are 12+
Youtube is 16+?
Their filter is not working



Hey guys did you hear
There is a game called Pokemon go