Pokemon Mega evolution


Which Mega evolutions are you excited for?

I am excited for, Blaziken, Lucario, Meatwo, Garchomp and Charizard.

Never played with them in main series game. Don’t know how they really work, but they definitely look cool.

Are you excited for this in PokemonGo when it gets time to gain the Digimon ability of Mega evolutions!

Oh ya i cant wait also for Rayquaza.




(Look at my profile)


Metagross, Gardevoir, Gallade, Mewtwo, Ray, Ogre, Don, Zards…


Charizard,houndoom and sceptile


All of them of course


Yes all of them because gotta catch’em all


Mainly Charizard.


I have no idea what Mega Evolutions are.


Metagross,Salamence,Rayquaza,Primal Kyogre,Primal Groudon,Charizard,Tyranitar,Heracross,Medicham,Manectric,Aggron,Mewtwo and Venasaur.
Why does Beedrill actually have a Mega Evolution :man_shrugging:


Even Pidgeot got a cooler Mega Evolution than Beedrill.
My favorites are Lucario, Metagross, Rayquaza, Charizard X and all 3 Hooen starters.



@thinger95 , @Necrozmadabest , and @Kevin_v_Hoften said I am hyped for.

And I like Mega Mewtwo, just like @KingQ07.


Some pokemon can Evolve into a better form during battle.

They are pretty sick.


Why did Audino get a mega evolution? :man_shrugging:t3: Beedrill is cooler and his mega evo looks better than Audino at least I think


Audino did get a mega evolution, it looks more like a fairy.


Yeah it’s still weird that Audino got a mega evolution, it’s the only Pokémon past gen 4 (barring Diancie) that got a mega evolution. And almost all the other mega evo Pokémon are ones that are popular or make sense why they were chosen.



Maybe next year when Gen 8 comes out it will be otherwise.


Yeah, they need a gen 5 mega, granted gen 5 was my least favorite gen so I’m not terribly sad



Gen 2 is my least favorite.