Pokemon guessing game



No. Not dark type




Oh God forgot about that one. But that one is steel fairy now


Well yeah but it was a single type in its debut generation


Yes. That was the Pokemon I had in mind


I’m one of the fastest Pokémon






A bit slower but still a great Mon without too frail defenses or terrible attack




130? Pff I trump that




120 is not greater than 130


Then all the ‘great Pokemon’ are out. I believe after Deoxys and Ninjask there’s just 1 Pokemon with a speed stat > 130:





Then the options above 130 are out. Unless you count Mega’s as well. And it can’t be from newer games, because you mention the old speed stats for both Mewtwo and Alakazam.


Old speed stats for Mewtwo and Alakazam? Wut


My bad. My sources named the normal versions, but ment the Mega versions. And there Mewtwo and Alakazam have respectively 140 and 150 speed. That got me confused a bit, but also make new option available. With Accelgor as most important one I think.


Sorry to be the one to tell you but… Accelgor isnt important lol
I am the most important (and strongest) Mon with > 130 speed that’s not a legendary


Then I don’t have any mons left > 130 speed. :joy: Exept some Mega’s, but I doun’t count those as other mons. And Ultra Beasts, but I consider those as legendary.

Or do you count Zeraora important? Not me actually (and Accelgor I’ve never used, so don’t know him very well).