Pokemon go story time


So I was on my way to catch a dratini and had enough candies it get dragonite.but I missed out on dratini community day and I said to myself I am not going to evolve it until I get a shiny one.And guess what that dratini was shiny!!!


Nice!! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


could you please spread the word about this forum


I have never found a community day shiny Pokemon outside of the events


nether have I


But you just said you did, @blue_pikachu18 ?!?!



what do you mean?


Dratini had a CD in February


I have found yesterday a shiny Bulbasaur, and obviously, this is outside the Bulbasaur CD day.


Congrats @bagguille :star_struck:!


I’m still looking for a shiny magikarp!


Oh wait…

Just caught this!! :grin::grin::laughing:


I want one! :star_struck:


I keep getting shiny bulbs apart from their day. Unfortunately didn’t do the day, but do get the shinies!


Today is a pretty lucky day for me, raid Dratini with free raid pass, got a rare “catch a dragon type and get 3 rare candies” later, and catch a wild Dratini at home so unexpectedly later.


That’s great! I am hoping for a shiny magikarp! Been looking a long time.


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