Pokémon GO Settings - Button has been disappeared


So I was reading an article on GO Hub, https://pokemongohub.net/post/news/0-99-2-apk-tear-down-bug-fixes-and-two-mysterious-additions/ - and I read something about the Help Button. Nothing interesting, until I noticed the News Button disappeared.

I really don’t know what Niantic is going to do except the new AR Help option, but this really interests me.
Are there people which News Button hasn’t been disappeared? I’m curious to this🙃

Edit: On the Picture I show you mine has been disappeared.


Isn’t the ‘news’ button also missing in that picture?


Huh. Is the help button there after you press ‘settings’?


Lol that was actually what I meant my bad


So let me get this straight. The news button is the one missing?


Yes. Don’t know what happened with the ‘Tips’ Button, but now there’s space between the buttons. Weird. That’s probably why I thought the Tips Button went away.


Yeah. I wish the tips would.
“This is a pokestop” I’m like WHO CARES!


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