Pokemon GO September and October Research Breakthroughs


This is AWESOME. Now I finally don’t have to go out just because I don’t have my Stamp yet. :neutral_face:


I hope there are some new Field Researches I can enjoy, though. That would be nice.




I suddenly feel a distinct lack of interest in Field Research tasks…


Is anyone going to be excited about this? Two months of flower Eevee?


I don’t want two hours of flower Eevee…


In July and August, I only got one Groudon and one Kyogre from Research Breakthrough, others are all Latios and Latias. It’s very disappointing to get two months of flower Eevee, its collector value plummet. I was thinking it will be the Regis with shiny possibilities, guess they will be released on their raid days some days.


I like it. Need more flower Eevee. I only have low IV’s.


I’ll look at the bright side: Now I won’t stress trying to get a task done every day to try and get as many weekly chances as I can. Instead, I’ll make sure I am ready right when this Eevee stretch ends. :wink:


That’s terrible


Every time someone says “terrible”, I think of …


Yes. Not me personally, but shinie hunters very much.
Shinie flower crown eevee is rare.


The fact that Niantic decided to put a Flower Crown Eevee in the Breakthrough Box for two months makes me wondering why. Niantic must have known most of the Pokémon GO players do not appreciate it. That’s why I expect something great to be in the Breakthrough Box in November and December. Maybe Mewtwo? Or a Gen V Legendary Pokémon? Or maybe the Field Researches will be more interesting - perhaps a return of Sunglasses Squirtle and other Costumed Pokémon? I know Chrales recently found new sprites for Costumed Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Perhaps they will appear in Field Researches? New Research ideas could be making Snapshots, a Snapshot being photobombed by Smeargle or defeating Team GO Rocket Gruns. Maybe a new Shiny release as well, as Shiny Spinda got released last rime. Or does Niantic think we are already getting enough next month? I’m also just speculating, I have no idea. :sweat_smile:


There must be some more plans that we don’t know yet… Flower crown Eevee is definitely not a Pokémon for a research breakthrough. We had it in field researches and spawning in the wild. I know it can be shiny (though… I guess that’s a myth I don’t know anyone who has one…), but unless they make the shiny rate like on community days or better, even I (speaking as a shiny hunter) don’t know why I should even bother…
I got all non-shiny flower crown Eeveelutions when it was first here, I also got several spare for one day when Sylveon arrives… It doesn’t have any trading value either… And with those collector items I don’t even care about IVs…
You know… For September with 3 weeks of ultra bonus, I’d have nodded and said “yeah, we’re getting loads of other stuff, that’s OK”, but October, too?
If they don’t want to give us legendaries, why not make Kecleon available?! It seems that they don’t know how to integrate it, and they did the same with Shedinja…


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