Pokemon GO - Safari Zone Event (Paris - 16.09.)



Got my ticket ! :smile:
Anyone else to meet there ?


So angry the link didnt work for me when i clicked on it through their facebook page and now been told they are sold out. worse of it is im coming from Scotland and more than likely some people who have ordered tickets wont even turn up.


I managed to get registered for the event. Now let’s hope I also get to interview Mystic7 for the Hub :smiley:


Same here, clicked as soon as it was up, finished 30 seconds later, was too late. Flying over form Ireland.


Same thing happened to me! Coming from Ireland


There won’t be any raids at the event itself right? If there is time afterwards I’m definitely down to do some👍🏼


Yes… I am up for RAIDS. Do we know what time the event starts and ends?
There are several gyms outside the mall for afternoon just take the RER A or Metro 1 to Chatelet Les Halles to central Paris.


They stated no RAIDS at the event. Not sure if they will also disable RAIDS outside the mail, I don’t think the will. So, the option to do RAIDS just outside there are about 6 or 7b gyms. You can also go into Paris afterwards. Maybe a group of us can go together. Not sure what time there event begins and ends. Do we know?


What’s the best way into Paris from shopping centre?


Hey Miles…

I just got a notification so I went back to read the old messages here… Didn’t realise I had been writing to you… haha… We met at the event, and my husband and I hung out with Mystic7’s group at La Defense! Great article you wrote!! Thanks, Leesa


Hi Leesa,

Next time you come to Austria (Vienna or Schladming) let me know!

Would love to hang out again and catch some Pokemon :smiley: