Pokemon Go Maps


What is your general opinion on Pokemon maps?

Did you ever use it?
Are you still using it?
Would you want to make it a thing or would you like to see it go away?
Did the map helped you or are you just sad it ever existed?

I started using map when I found out about them.At the time there was no way to track down any Pokemon, and I was using it for finding rare ones like Snorlax and Lapras.
After some time, I had every gen 1 Pokemon, and wasn’t really into gym battles (because it was really really really cold outside) like I am now. So I can kinda say map helped me to play through that time.

But just before Gen 2 I was hoping they will find a way to remove maps for ever. I didn’t wanted to have full Pokedex in a matter of weeks. You could say: “yeah, but you could you not use the map.” Yeah, i could. But there is some hope in me that this game will maybe be competitive some day. Or if not in pvp, maybe in gyms. And i’m not losing that advantage while everyone else around me is using it.

So, I just stopped using the map to get new Pokedex entries and was just cathing rares. After few weeks, map we were using started showing IV’s of Pokemon. So I also started cathing 100% IV Pokemons, same reason as before, just don’t want to be left behind. And yes, I have to many perfect IV Pokemons, like 50+ of them.

But now, we lost the map. I’ve never been happier. Hope it stays like that. Hope we lose spoofers too. Hope we get something awesome from gym rework. I hope this game will be even better going forward.


I’m a pure collector and I am not against using maps and stuff per say, as long as it doesn’t hurt others


Even if you use a map, the thing is you still have to physically go there and play the game which is legit


Latest security update has made it a lot harder to run a map as accounts get flagged and no rares shown - could it be the end or will mappers find a workaround?


Sadly, our map is up and running again :frowning:


I think the maps are destined to go eventually, Niantic will keep on changing things to stop them.

I’m not a big fan of maps myself, it does take a little bit away from the game for me, and it’s fairly obvious who use them :smile: Niantec do need to drop a little more variety around the place though, if they did that then maps wouldn’t be used so much.