Pokemon GO Journey


What route do you normally take?

I hit the two stops 15 minutes away and then walk to an area with 7 and a gym (within 15 minute area) which takes about 40 minutes, then battle gym and get stops.

Or I go to an area with basically 6 gyms and 20 stops but takes like 2 more hours.


I usually play when someone else is driving, so… all over DC really.


I have a route that covers 9 gyms near where I live, then 2 in town halfway between home and work. Then another 19 gyms in town I work in. Usually have my 20 gyms before I go into work. Don’t get many coins at each before getting knocked out, but get my 50 coins through volume of gyms. It is 1 hour before midnight, and I still have 10 gyms. Most likely I will have my 50 coins for tomorrow before I even wake up in morning.


Before I come to work I ride through a rodeo Arena that has two gyms and four stops and then head to work and when I get out in the morning I ride to the same Arena before I go home


And you do raids with your bros?


I take route 1 to Viridian city


I Play Pokemon go on the way to school and on the way from school back to home. My normal route is 5 km and covers 11 gyms, and 12 pokestops. However, the road i usually take to Delft is closed so i cant use that route.
So my Alternative route overlaps the route of @MrHeineken88, except that i bike there at a different time. This route contains 4 gyms and 2 pokestops of my regular route, and has 6 additional gyms and 8 additional pokestops, but another two extra on the road back home.


Yep if there up


Oh wow I only have a stop and a gym that no one ever battles on the way back from school so no raids :sob:


I work behind the airport, meaning I see the runway from the parking lot. The building next to the job (which is the old terminal) has a gym and poke stop in front of it. Most days I can get in the gym (if I’m not still in it from the day before).

In the evenings we go to either the park, which has many stops and gyms, or another public area (shopping and dining around a lake) that has 3 gyms and 5 stops.