Pokémon GO Halloween 2019


Holy. That’s awful luck! My roommate and I went a combined 8/8 on Darkrai with three critical captures.


4/6 for darkrai, got. 96% so I’m good on darkrai raids. Just going to do klink raids with my free pass for the rest of the event


I finally got enough Litwick to make my first

And I realised that there is a rule about this little candle…
It goes out of hiding for some time around sunrise / sunset - not sure what precisely but I would say 30 min before/after sunrise/sunset. All of wild ones I got around this timeframe…
Just a luck - or you have the same?


Mmmh, I found two this morning around half past nine, and we have sunrise about half past seven…


so maybe it was just an coincidence… to evolve this candle I needed only 10 - which is not good pool from statistics point of view… I thought it would make sense somehow - but well… :slight_smile:


Today there should be a boost in tier 1. A slight increase was noticable, but only in Squirtle and Charmander. No Bulbasaur so far. Also no mentions in my discourds.


The last one almost fled and broke my perfect run, got a critical capture at the last ball


Almost perfect


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