Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion



It’s time to end up this topic.


That would be crazy, right of the heels of Equinox bam bam bam here’s Gen III.


Let’s wish for abilities and new type of evolutions!


But it is already 3 months since the last big content update hit (Legendaries in July) so if they are sticking to their initial announcement of 4 big content updates a year it would certainly fit the bill.

Also I think they want to keep the good spirit going and keeping people interested after the SafariZone and Equinox event.

Additionally they need do have something new for the next SafariZone on 7th of october as people will be pissed if they get the same mons they currently hatch from 2ks en masse.


I’ll yell for Mid-Autumn Festival event.


I agree with you on this one. We need something to keep our interest in the game between the equinox and Halloween. They can either do another event(Columbus Day or Mid-Autumn Festival) or they can release a major update(Gen 3!!!)


I think Niantic will release further generations rationally. Throwing back to February this year, gen 2 released after the game had launched for 8 months. For now it’s going to be the next 8 months after the release of gen 2 since then gen 3 are likely to be released around the coming October.


And then pvp…


Will be the biggest update after gen 3 releases by 2017 Dec to 2018 Feb in my estimation.


Well, i saw one time some sort of secret tweet from Niantic telling us that we should see Gen 3 somewhere around 22-25 October, but i cannot remember where to find photo of that tweet, and even if i somehow would find it, i don’t know if its real or fake.


If the speculation of 2017 Halloween event is true, gen 3 will be released on Oct 31.


Hi there! I think i found something about gen 3 release date, but it could be fake. But still, we’ll see:


Could you post the link down below? Did Niantic really report Gen 3 news? If it’s true, I will be extremely hype! It’s also the release date of Super Mario Odessey lol! It will be 2 simultaneous happy events’ date in someone’s life.

The release of gens are in the order of gen/8 months.


Woo-hoo gen 3 is confirmed to be the next update content and PvP will (likely) be released in the 1st quarter of 2018!


However, players should stop begging for trading/wonder trading. It may not come any time soon.

:pensive:No trading evolutions…

In additional, ready to capture the overpowered SLAKING! :wink:(Uh-oh, where are speed stat and abilities?):thinking:


Read on my local Discord this morning, the recent series of quick secession API updates that mess with the local map are mirroring what they did just before a big heap of new Pokemon were introduced (Gen 2). Coincidence?


Will we get 6hr Lures with Gen3 release like we got with Gen2? I’m fairly sure it was 6hrs?
I remember many places were lit up like Christmas Trees and I had around 80% of the new ones available for capture in the first 2 days.


One more thing: During the Valentine’s day event, 50% discount of extending pokebox and item bag was available in the in-game store.

I wish Niantic will consider it.


Hi I am new here and I have a very well thought out explanation of how I think Niantic will release Gen 3 and when. It makes a lot of sense and I have not seen it anywhere yet, so I am just gonna go ahead and do a shortened version.
-Back in February, Niantic released an update containing all finalized requirements for Gen 2 only a few days before its actual release
-The babies were released a few months before Gen 2 as content to make the player base somewhat happy, similar to how the Legendary Beasts were released to keep players happy and would be two months before Oct. 27 (rumored date)
-Everything about the past few days regarding Hanke’s interview, Ho-oh debunking, the new update, and current dullness is almost exact to what happened before Gen 2 was released, seeing that the Halloween event would be “equal” to the Valentine’s day event, in which Gen 3 will be released right along side it or immediately after


Maybe the discount of extending pokebox and item bag will be offered to us during the Halloween event.:slight_smile: