Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion



Has anyone realized that we don’t even have smeargle or Delibird yet? They shouldn’t release gen 3 until we’ve got those and the rest of the gen 1 and 2 legendaries!


Quite honestly its time they release Gen3.Legendaries are good until Zapdos goes away.They will have to add more pokemon to make much awaited PVP AND TRADING more fun.Also Gen3 is assumed to have some good pokemon that shall change the entire meta.Im in favour of Gen3 being released before christmas (Although they should do it before mid september)


I agree with the legendaries part but ditto came out way late so why can’t Smeargle and Delibird?


I think they will release Gen 3 sometime this month or beginning of next month. Then during christmas they will probably release Delibird. And smeargle might randomly be released kind of how ditto was released. Then Mewtwo during the week of new years.


I agree…they still have to put abilities into the game if not then we are pretty much just using the same pokemon wiyh different sprites…i wouldnt want PVP with the current system. I think the next step is to give us quests, shinies and team rocket…thay way we have enough to do while the fix the urban player issue and PVP.


Check out my topic ‘New types of evolution adding into Pokemon GO’ and ‘Limitations on evolution’. It would be great to see these coming out as new features.


If all of our suggestions are notified and being implemented into Pokemon GO then it would once again raise the number of players multiple times.

Aww~I have got an idea: encounter Pokemon before capturing them


To summarize all of our points, we may get Trading, PvP, Villian teams, Expended evolution feature and limitations, quests, harder version of capturing Pokemon, tournaments, abilities and more gens in the future. (Did I miss anything?)

I’m quite sure that Pokemon GO is still in the beginning.


My speculation on the release order would be:

  1. PvP
  2. Gen3
  3. Abilities
  4. Harder version of capturing Pokemon
  5. Expended evolution feature and limitations
  6. Villian teams
  7. Gen4
  8. Tournaments
  9. Quests
  10. Gen5
  11. Trading
  12. Gen6
  13. Mega Evolution
  14. Gen7
  15. Z-moves
    Legendary Pokemon will be in separate situation.


Ahm~breeding system is missing


As well as shines and weather conditions.


They won’t do any of those things. Too complicated for the casual players that Niantic loves to cater to.


Some on the list will be put into the game. I am hoping all on list and then some will make the game.


Like they will add Gen 3 and etc…


1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 for sure will make the game.


My list would be a 5-year plan for Niantic (Maybe)


It’s to far to draw the line though.


Oh. In case you guys don’t know. 10/27

I’m glad to be wrong. Having it drop so soon means I am never starved for anything to project. It’s just gonna be a lot.


Forget slaking for a second. Shedinja? Milotic? Castform?

There still trying to figure out how to do delibird and smeargle…


Why not including Z-moves (new feature in gen 7)?


Late release of Pokemon (comfired):
Gen 1: Ditto
Gen 2: Smeragle and Delibird
Late release of Pokemon (predictions):
Gen 3: Shedinja and Castform
Gen 4: Rotom
Gen 7: Lycanroc, Wishiwashi, Minior and Ultra Beasts