Pokémon GO Gen 3 release date discussion



its so frustrating niantic isn’t taking things seriously. like they have no communication with fans, no acknowledgement of anything - think of other games with lesser playerbase - they have community managers and they communicate well in advance features coming to the future with dates and trailers and DLC plans and content updates and what being worked on.etc.


That’s the best way to vote — seriously! If it wasn’t for the Hub, I guess I’d give up on this game months and months ago.


As said before Gen 1 had enough Pokemons to rolling for months. I also think that Gen 2 could have been released later because, despite everyone was expecting it, was an understandable major update to come. If Gen 2 would have been released later anybody would have complained.

Gen 2 is a short gen, with less Pokemon and needs some boosters to keep the game alive. I guess that’s why type events have been going on but now is clear that Gen 2 is starting to be over…

I think it was a bad idea to launch Gen 2 so early because probably we won’t have Gen 3 for many moths.


I predict Gen 3 as the major update for either the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. We know legendaries will be added this summer, but they don’t qualify as a major quarterly update IMO because their presence only adds a handful of strong Pokemon.

A majority of Pokemon GO’s lifetime has been patching up unexpected holes in the game due to overwhelming popularity on release. The gap between gen 2 and gen 3 shouldn’t be as long as the gap between gen 1 and gen 2.


absolutely man! I like to draw from an example of a famous game known as World of Warcraft, i myself was NOT a player albeit a few hours in the trial to mess about but blizzard is an example of how a game company should react…

i did my college dissertation of video game economics and social impacts. after blizzard lost 50% of its monthly subcribers to WoW from 10mil down to 5mil - you know what they did? they paced up on expansions, making them better in value and bigger, they pushed more marketing and ultimately they made big changes, they made the game free to play up to level 20 and paved the way for growth in numbers again. Now of course this is just a comparison of the “effort”.

when niantic lost 80% (as of April 2017) of its players what do they do? boi they dont even have a community management team or any like blog posts of promises to bait people to stay longer lmao

they dont seem to care, theres no tangible “action” i dont know maybe just a sense of: “hey we value you guys that remain, heres what to look forward to please stay LOL”


I wish they would be more involved with the community. They at least have a 2 people monitoring twitter and giving feedback, which is a small step forward. My hope is One of these days they will embrace the community and get more involved directly involved with the customers.


I agree… i thought they had finally had it when they had that mysterious update with the blurred out details. I thought wow! Niantic finally is using its mysterious way of giving us info. They crushed me after they didnt do anything with it. I really think they need to hire nick or pohub as consultants for PR


I’m eager to get a blaziken and a metagross :3


I believe around Octomber.They havent release yet smeargle and delibird,they have to make the lengedariea event as they said and dont forget Gen 3 is a big one.It cointains TOO many pokemons.Wouldn’t be surprised if they released it in parts


Good points. People don’t realise how much more gen 3 is then 2. Gen 2 is only, like, 100 or so more Pokémon and is designed to be an integrated with a gen 1 list. All the new evos and babies. They’re just supposed to be a single game pooled together.

If you quick look at gen 3 it has next to no interactions with the older generations. Just azurill and happiny and I think that’s it. It’s a new game worth of new guys. It’s a big update, another huge slash in the egg hatch pool and Niantic might even consider running some gen 1 trash tiers to extinction. Lots of server refinement needed, especially considering the upswing of play this will create.

But…I do want these guys. I like this gen.


While first quarter makes sense… if they are following a pattern. Personally (and I don’t play hardcore at all… but still probably more than most) I wasn’t done collecting those I could by the release of gen 2. There are a lot of gen 1 I just recently evolved, like my Dragonite for example.

I feel like gen 2 could have been pushed out a little further, possibly into spring… maybe even early summer.

But then again perhaps that was just a business decision as other content that should have been ready at launch (raids) still weren’t even in the game.

At this point I’d rather they’d release gen 3, as every time I got to attempt a legendary raid, I am the lone ranger… and not another trainer or body in sight.


I personally don’t think it would be smart for Niantic to wait until 2018 for gen 3. By then, unless they fix a lot of things or roll out groundbreaking new features, people will be dropping off by the thousands, like what was happening before the gen 2 release, where everyone was saying the game was “dying”. At the VERY least, maybe they’ll release ALL the shinies sometime before gen 3 release. That would at least create a new challenge for players: to collect all the shinies for their pokedexes. They owe us gen 3 this year though, especially after the whole Go Fest incident.(train wreck).


Niantic still have 4 Months to redeem themselves from the disaster that was Pokemon Go Fest.

Saying that, I think we are going to get (and need) a Gym update (let’s hope they fix all of the bugs before releasing it this time) and I think that we will get the rest of Gen 1 and Gen 2 Legendaries (including Mew and Mewtwo) but the end of this year; I think that will roll over to Jan/Feb 2018. After all of that I think that we will get Gen 3 and then eventually the Gen 3 Legendaries.


I think we’re all forgetting about the PVP update, when the hell is that coming out?!


I do not think we will see PVP until sometime in 2018. With as much struggle as they are having with the gym update I don’t see how they could possibly pull that out in the next five or six months

New content is the lifeblood of video games I do think they will release GEN three sometime this fall probably late September or October. Looking at the Pokémon they have released through raids leads me to believe they are giving an opportunity for trainers to finalize their GEN one Pokedex. I might be totally off base but I will be totally shocked if we don’t see gen 3 this year.


[Futurism] Gen 3: I think you’re probably right about when Gen 3 will be released. However, I’m afraid we will go through another dry spell like we did before Gen 2. I feel PvP should be the next update if we don’t get Gen 3. We need something within the game to keep users engaged when its too cold outside to play. Players would be able to meet up and battle inside. But in the end, I’m sure they have something good for us in store for our last quarter update.


I think that they will release it in September while it is still light out, weather should still be fairly decent so people will still go out and hunt. I don’t think they’d wait a whole year before releasing gen 3, gen 2 was only 7/8 months after the game came out. Plus they’ve got alot of players back with gym rework/raids/legendaries, they won’t want to lose the hype too quickly.


I think that the Gen 3 should be released between September and end of October 2017. This prediction is just mathematical: the game was released early July 2016 and 6 months later (February 2017) Gen 2 was released.

Indeed, even with the current Legendary event, the game is losing a lot of interest for a lot of players bacause we are more and more to caught every pokemons of Gen 1 and 2 (I just completed the pokedex 5 days ago !). So they need to keep the hype of the players by releasing this new Gen and then work new major features that will make the game better.

Also, Niantic annouced that they want to release a new big feature every 3 months. The Legendary are up since end of July so 3 months leads us to end of October.

PvP could be the next big relase if we stick to a release around October and another 3 months later, we should be able to fight each other around January 2018 at the latest.


My calculation according to my future experience. i can defently say that it will be release only niantic mess up a major update (like gym rework in past.). My speculation is they try to release PvP or trading But, instead of that they posponte pvp or trading and release gen3. With in 2 months it will happn.They r organising this events to fill your pokedex 4 the nxt big thing… but, as usual we get another gen… win win situation… :smile: kind off…
Nd stil some pokemon are left in pokedex.


I have to agree with the initial guess. I would think 1st qtr 2018. There has been no data mines from anywhere that niantic has been working on this. Trading and PVP should be next big ticket items.