Pokemon Go - Gameplay Bug


Hi all!

I’ve been getting this bug everytime i try to play pokemon go, i dont know what it is, Niantic Support never answered me and it’s preventing me from playing…:disappointed_relieved:

Already tried everything, from reinstalling the game to changing phones, still the same.
The odd part is, if i login in with my account on another phone, it works just fine. Maybe something related to my apple id? i dont know… Using latest IOS on Iphone XS.

Can anyone help?



Close app. Turn phone off and on. Try again

Apple ID shouldn’t be the problem.


Your phone shouldn’t be the problem. How have you contacted Niantic?


Hi Brobraam!

Already tried:

  1. Close app, reboot phone - Nothing
  2. Changing accounts on the phone. All Acc’s get the same problem - Nothing
  3. Reporting as a bug at Niantic Support - No response.
  4. Twitting the issue to Niantic Support - No response.
  5. Reinstalling the game - Nothing.

Running out of options and hope :sweat_smile:


What make and model of phone do you have?


Cleared the apps cache?

I know you’ve reinstalled, however it’s possible the cache stays behind when uninstalling incase you decide to reinstall.


I had to clear the data and the case


Use Itunes to revert your Iphone to before the latest update. Open the app, see if it works.
If it works (and it should), it´s a problem from the new version. Remove the app, update the IOS, reinstall the app. It should start working again.
It´s a new stupid check from Apple that is getting some apps blocked, if you are using a third party software. Even worst that the latest update gets stuck on checking some apps, when it´s been installed.


I have Android, but if your right, than it’s a new argument to stay far away from Apple… :ok_hand:


Hi Digitaljdl!

Yes, i deleted the app from the phone settings menu (clearing the cache) and re-downloaded the game. Still getting the error.


Hi Goku’s Son,

Uhmm, i tried restoring the iphone from a itunes backup but i guess it already came with the latest update… I’ll try to restore it to a previous version!

I will keep you updated. Thanks!


Try and delete the data is well that’s what Niantic told me to do in an email


That’s what I did and it works


He has already done that


I just skimmed through the text my bad


I’m having crazy gameplay bugs now also. It seems like every other day I miss my stop and catch because my game won’t load


I been freezing for Bout 3 weeks now