Pokemon GO Equinox Event 2019 announced!



No shiny announcement. Well, it’s still four days away.


Three days away for me


So you’re from the future then lol


How will the new moves compare to the old ones?


I think oddish Will be a New shiny. Maybe shroomish too.


I’d say Oddish and Exeggcute/Shroomish will be the new shinies.


We dont know how good they are


Which hemispheres will have which, then? At first we had Solrock, then a few months ago switched to Lunatone. Does this mean we’ll switch BACK, or that the switch to Lunatone will be permanent? It might make sense to have them swap places every equinox.

One thing about the “event” jumps to the attention: No bonuses. Not on candy. Not on stardust. Not on distance walked. Nothing like that. Which makes it not much of an event, IMO.


For me it’s quite clear they will switch again, but for more time than the event, so they’ve used the term permanent. But this doesn’t mean that in a future it will not change again.


Agreed, “permanent” just indicates hey will not switch back after the event ends.


Yes they probably flip again for the Autumn Equinox.


I still need Solrock so I’m excited to fill that slot in my pokedex. My brothers girlfriend has a “smurf” account I played on a few times & the lunatone 1499cp slayed it in trainer battle vs Blanche. It was cool but I’m not looking for a lunatone to keep unless it’s 100%


Do you think any new Gen 4s will be released?


I seriously doubt it




They released Pokemon unrelated to the event before during events, like how Finneon and Bronzor were released during the Winter Festival event last year.


There are only a handful of Gen 4 left. I’d bet something new is coming out too.


Indeed. Honestly, barring the remaining Sinnoh Stone evolutions, it’s only the following:

Burmy (Wormadam and Mothim; gender-based evolutions)
Cherubi (Cherrim)
Gible (Gabite and Garchomp)
Hippopotas (Hippowdon)

That’s all it. Not much of an excuse to not release them this or next month. It’s already been the longest tiered release yet, totaling 5 months so far. Most of Gen 3 was released in four months, minus a few exceptions.


I think wormadam’s forme Will be Region based.