Pokemon GO advertisement appears in London


There is gym picture with Venusaur on the top.This might be a hint that the gym rework is close to be relised
and the 114 and 342 golden on the loose. 114 is bus number in london.


I live just outside of London and happened to have seen the advert, but I don’t know what it’s about in the slightest.
It has to be large if there is a massive poster in a train station about it.


Can you take a HQ picture for the GO Hub article?


This news is really amazing, I love Pokemon Go Hub.
I really epic for this game and the community.


Your so right, without this web I would have lost interest in the game some time ago…


Can’t wait for the rework to happen! I’m sure it will surprise us and keep us more engaged while hopefully affecting the current spoofers situation and variation meta.


HQ Picture


i live in london and i travel quite alot for conventions around and work and i have not seen any of these LOL nice tho