Pokemon go Adventures


So my Son has been telling me for months that he wants to be a youtuber, Now we go on a 10k walk every day and play pokemon go together so I finally gave in and started (trying) to make some videos with him to document our adventures. It has been a ton of fun so far and I would love to share them with as many people as I can that love pokemon go as much as we do.

Please have a look and feel free to give me advise. And if you really want to make my son happy…subscribe too :slight_smile:



Good to see you guys having fun and all, I watched couple vids and didnt really find them enterntaining enough, hope you will build your fan base anyway.
P.s. dont incubate your eggs before community day starts, do it after it starts.


@Kingstony Hey, thanks for the honest reply. Any ideas of what I could do to make them more entertaining? I am very new to this youtube thing and still trying to get confident in front of the camera. but that will come over time :slight_smile:
And good tip on the eggs, thanks :slight_smile:


I am a YouTuber as well. Is producing your videos hard? For me even though it’s not impossible, it’s pretty hard to produce content. Anyway I’ll watch ur videos tommorow. (I ran out of YT time today)


So far I find that editing a 4 min video takes more time than a 2 hour walk :slight_smile:
It takes a lot of work and time, but I do enjoy it. Hopefully I get faster at it eventually and I can upload videos more often.


Your videos are made alright its just content, obviously it depends what audience you are trying to target. I dont like youtubers in general (there are few exceptions (not pokemon go related though)), feels like waste of time. All Im saying if you are making vids for your own pleasure thats fine but if your goal is to attract masses you need to value their time spent watching your material, in other words why would I spend 5min of my life watching you catching drowzee instead of spending that time playing myself or even watching my favorite music video. I dont want to sound harsh and honestly cannot give you any ideas how to do things, you have to find your own way to the top. Just expressing my opinion as a consumer :wink: wish you and your son all the best and think the most important part of it you and him bonding together!


I subscribed! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, will for sure keep try to work on all this. And the bonding time is for sure the main goal, he absolutely loves it and so do I. :slight_smile:


Cool vids