Pokemon Collection


My pokedex says that I’ve caught a Misdrevus (no. 200), but it is not in my collection. Does that mean I may have transferred it by mistake? :sweat:





Misdravus is not too rare. I think it used to be in 2km eggs but not sure about now.


Thanks :cry:


Thanks. I haven’t come across any in my area, but I do have some eggs, so fingers crossed.


Best luck is graveyards and cemetaries at night. Also foggy weather.


Right. Misdreavus hatches from 2k. Be fast, @SilverSage518, gen 4 will come sooner than we think. That makes it more difficult to hatch it.


Yikes. :scream:
I’m in the middle of a heat wave of sorts here. Just hot and humid. Thanks for the info, tho. :pray:


Thanks. I’ve just recently got back into the game :disappointed:


It was 120 degrees for me and is now 100. What about you? Im in LA, California


I’m in the Central Valley, so we get all the smog trapped between the mountains. :frowning: We’re just hitting the 100s now


We hit 29C 85F here which is a new record for my town i believe.


What??? My temperature is alwayssssss higher than that lol


Does it snow there?


So I’m very close to You!


Yes basically in winter but not often after that


Lucky… I saw foggy weather for the first time yesterday and have never seen snow in game. I have only been on snow once in my life!!!


There really is no suggestion they turn up more in cemeteries, it would be way to specific for n8a4ntic to have made each cemetery a ghost biome. Also i love close to know and have never noticed and increase there. The best bet to find any ghost in at night in foggy weather but area does have much of a effect unless it’s already a nest/spawn area for another type of pokemon.