Pokedex completion


Just wanted to know where everyone stands with Pokedex completion. I know for some people it’s not their main focus, but for me it’s up there as a priority. Unfortunately I’ve only managed to find raid groups in the last two weeks so missed out on nearly all the legendaries so far (praying for Quests to help, or for them to return to raids). And by the way, I’m not a “hardcore” player. I play every day on my commute to work and if I go out for a walk.

Here’s my progress so far:


In general for Gen 1 and 2 I am only mission regionals. Except for the bloody unknown… That one haunts me.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve all of gen 1 minus regionals and legendaries. EX raid coming up this week though. Then gen 2 I’m missing Hitmontop, Unown, and then regionals and legendaries again


From gen 1 and 2 I only miss tauros, Mew, smeargle, raikou and Celebi. From gen 3 I miss
Sceptile, ludicolo, shiftry, pelipper, breloom, slaking, the nincada family, azurill, illumise, camerupt, torkoal, spinda, the trapinch family, cacturne, altaria, solrock, cradily, kecleon, tropius, chimecho, the clamperl family, Shelgon, salamence, metang, metagross, the regi’s, the lati twins, jirachi and deoxys.


Too. Only have Trapinch


Still need Muk, Kangaskhan, Mr Mime and legendaries from gen 1. Hopefully getting Mewtwo Friday at my ex raid.

Gen 2 Togetic, Corsola (I’ll get it in New Orleans soon), unown and legendaries.

Gen 3 too many to name so I’ll just show pics. I can evolve to a few, but waiting on better ivs.


I also have candy for but haven’t evolved to: altaria, vibrava, flygon, shelgon, and milotic. The only Pokémon I need from gen one are Kangaskhan and mew.



I hope they dont put them back in raids in a stupid order. They need to put them in raids with the easiest ones first and for about a month each. They also should put them in an order that will help us out. For example putting kyogre before groudon so we people with lack of other players have a chance.


Missing many regionals. Travelling next week to catch one.


Only missing regionals, but thanks to spoofers (sarcasm) I have all of the shadows (not happy about that either)


On first post, I have same numbers as you except 2 more on Johto.


I finally added Hitmontop to my Pokedex the other day. You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting for him! That’s gen 1 and 2 complete excluding regionals and legendaries. Plus, and ex raid on Saturday so hopefully add to my collection.


Couple of regionals and Gen III to go but I’m in no hurry to fill the dex yet.



Well I need more


Been playing since game started but just started doing Legendary Raids when I joined Discord.


Waited quite some time to add this to the Dex


What’s bad about at least having the shadows?


I still have work to do mainly in gen 2 & 3 - just missing Lapras and regionals.