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It’ll be nice if you could get more
Than 50 coins a day at a gym so I was thinking of a feature like adding coins into field quest let’s say make those quests hard so they are worth of your time
Also I know you can buy them but not everyone can afford them and not everyone can keep it a gym for a long time i had to go late night beat gyms so my Pokémon’s can stay there for at least 8 hours and that’s only because no one is around my area


It was fun when we used to get a hundred. But it was like a race against the clock getting that 10th gym before someone knocked you out somewhere else. But now I get 20 no problem.


What about a different special research every week, with good rewards at the end, like tms, rare candies, and coins?


That actually sounds pretty nice


1 coin for every unique stop visited on the day up to a certain limit?




What have you got against this one?


While this does promote exploration, its a giant middle finger to anybody who has been playing since the spring, there were tons of ocasions where you had to find new stops
In smaller towns, this would be pointless, and even in bigger cities people could struggle to find new ones


Unique Stops is a terrible idea. I’ve got to travel a fair way out of my way to find unique stops now.Spare a thought for people who dont even have more than 2-3 stops in their immediate area.

I’d like to see the daily limit lifted from 50 to 100 again but make it so there is 2 ways of getting your coins.
10 Coins just for placing something in a Gym and 10 Coins for every hour in a Gym to be collected once a Pokémon returns.
You Daily Max 100 can be from any combination of the above.
I’d still keep the Max Gyms you can be in at once at 20 or even lowering it.


I didn’t say they had to be new, just unique for that day, i.e. you can’t just walk back and forth spinning the same 5 for instance, but would have to spin 50 different stops to get 50 coins. This would only be an alternate method of getting coins with gyms still an option. So you could for instance spin 10 stops and get the rest of your coins from gyms.


Again peeps in places like Paris would be drowning in coins and 98% of the rest of the world would have to drive for half day to collect 100 coins


I just got to 2/8 for thst quest on Spirotomb. Please, no… maybe for pokemon caught! Every 10 you get a coin?


daily 100 coins would be more fair, like in the old days, and a more challenging gym system would also be nice.