Poke Genie Issues Anyone?


Every month or so I wipe out my Poke list in Poke Genie… stuff gets evolved and Genie misses and duplicates it, or stuff traded, etc…

Today, I wiped it out, added all 1500CP and above back in. I look at Genie and My Pokemon are all listed, I try to use the Battle Sim and says I need to import Pokemon into my list…?

On android… did a force stop, deleted cache, restarted, same issue.

Force stop, delete cache, delete app files, uninstall, restart, reinstall, re-scanned a few Pokemon to the list, verified they are there and I can open each one for more details, go to Battle Sim and same issue.

Emailed them for support… auto reply saying extended wait time and may not get a reply so, figured I’d see if anyone here has any ideas.


I think he is fixing the build in Pokédex. It has lots of incorrect data. That is a ton of work. But I see regular updates, so he might also be fixing the reported issues.
Give a day or two and there might be a an update.

And the issue it self I don’t know about, because I don’t use the battle simulator that much.


Actually got a reply already… usually when you get the ‘high email volume’ auto-reply that means, don’t expect a reply.

Basically Pokemon Go changed the layout of the screen just enough that the stardust/movesets don’t detect.

Gotta basically scroll down to where they show, then run the scan which means the CP is cut off so you gotta enter that manually. Then the image of your Pokemon in Poke Genie is cut off at the feet. So your Poke list will be mainly white boxes with a small strip of what your Pokemon’s feet look like.

I’m not very good at the game and absolutely horrible remembering names and what counters what so for raids I kinda need the Battle Sim, but honestly, doesn’t seem worth the effort until fixed. Just wiped out 150 Pokemon and rescanned 100 back in this morning and all I use Poke Genie for is for IV and the Battle Sim.


Try calcy IV

In my opinion, it is much better than genie. The battle simulator is able to show up to 15 unique pokemon.


It has some features that pokegenie doesn’t have, but the styling of PokeGenie is beter in my opinion.
The only good use for Calcy IV in my opinion is gym status. I’d Pokegenie get’s that, Calcy IV is gone.


That and scanning IVs on the catching screen


I barely use it, but Poke Genie works fine for me.


After last update is kind of buggy