Plusle and Minun


I live in London, UK and I have seen 30+ minum but not a single plusle, and this is the same for all the scanners. I think that they maybe are regional to the North or South hemispheres or certain places. Can you guys let me know what you have seen and where you live.


Scratch that about hemispheres, plusle is spawning in USA, methinks it may be day/night or just continents


Several Sources suggest Plusle is spawing in everything east of the Pacific and west of the atlantic, and minun is spawning east of the atlantic and west of the pacific.


I have seen a number of Plusle here in the US… night will tell the tale I guess…


I have 2 high level Plusles that were caught in the early evening time after the sun set. Different moves on each. I was told Minun was not released in USA. I am in California, so, it is random, just keep your eyes out. By the way, these were caught in totally different environments and locations.