Please help me πŸ˜…


How do you search up two mons? Please tell me, because I am trying to search up piloswine and swinub :sob:.


What do you mean search up?


The search bar :wink: @Thorend


@mew1 please help


@darksylveon1 hi!!!


I know what you are asking, just put comma in between the PokΓ©mon name you want to search


Oh, was putting the & symbol.

Thanks for the help!


Do +swinub or swinub,piloswine


Wow, never knew that! :star_struck:


Putting a + in front of PokΓ©mon name will show all PokΓ©mon in its evolution lines



So much help, so nice of you guys :smile:.


It will also find mamoswine for the future


That is the only thing I have learned today :sweat_smile:.

Thank you.


You are welcome @Pokemon


Here is a summary:


comma means eithrr of them, & means both
Thid works for shinies as well (shiny&swablu, altaria will show all golden birbs you have