Petition For Extra Nickname Change


Hello all.

Well, the title pretty much says it all. I would like to create a petition here for an extra nickname change to be granted to everyone’s Pokemon Go account.

I’m sure many out there wish to change their nickname without having to create a new account and sacrifice their hard earned Pokemon.

I have read that Niantic receive thousands of reports every day requesting their name to be changed for illegitamate reasons not worthy of a report. Many of these accounts receive account locks etc due to improper use of the report system.

Also, there are thousands if not millions of taken names by accounts which have been inactive since the week of Pokemon Go’s release, so like many other games it wouldn’t hurt to do a gamer tag/nickname clean-up. But that is just an extra bonus that I am doubtful towards and can see being problematic with returning players finding their nickname has been robbed.

Anyway, here is my proposal:

Method 1: Offer one more nickname change to everyone’s accounts to be redeemed if they wish.

Method 2: Implement a name change option in the Pokemon Go ‘shop’ section of the game in which players can change their name for a coin fee.

If you’re interested in an extra nickname change for your account please reply to this post with “support” or any other text that clearly states your support of the petition.

The aim here is to get enough support and discussion on this threat to bring it to the developer’s attention.

Thanks very much.


I already changed my in-game nickname once and now I can do it again🤔

Or it is a bug, or Niantic has read your post, I think, @Nimsy.


I have changed my nickname once and still am able to change it again, i think they now allow 3 nickname changes


They should add 1 per 6 months


For anyone who never did it. They have 3 chances to change name. I just changed mine. Still can change two more times.


Quick question, how many times have you changed your nickname?