OpenStreetMap linked to nests?


I was on OpenStreetMap and places with nests were all marked as parks and places I EXPECTED to be nests but were not were not added as parks. For this reason I added all my local parks and since then no major nest spawns have shown in the new areas. There have however been some interesting glitch spots i will do another post on.


P.s anyone know how to create a poll?


How does this correlate with Trainer Tip’s vlogs on this theory?


You go into reply, go onto the hot bar at the top and click settings. You will see 3 options;Hide details, blur spoiler and Build Poll


Thanks it’s good to know:) lol


Pretty similar. Ive added my local parks now but I’ve seen no change yet, except that one small park that used to have no spawns now has ~80 spawns


I have been adding changes for months, but… seems the last update of the OSM data made by Niantic was in January. We’ll wait till next update, and see if our changes are apllied…