Only see Gen 1 Pokemon?


I haven’t played Pokemon GO in a while but I want to get back into it. I heard they added gen 2 and 3 Pokemon and I have seen them in gyms but I have not seen a single gen 2 or 3 Pokemon in the wild. I have been playing for a week now and all I see is gen 1. Even when hatching eggs all I get is gen 1. Plz help. Are gen 2 and 3 Pokemon much rarer than gen 1? If so that is dumb…


Well,for your information a kantonian(gen1) event is live,so basically all the gen 1 pokemon will be spawning more frequently in the wild than others…Plus all the raid bosses are kantonian…
So that must be the thing you are talking about!


It will end in a few days.


The other Gens are still around but in very small numbers. They also tend to be the nest locations too.


I’m looking forward to end of this event. Been holding out on evolving a bunch of stuff until event is over.


I see other gens multiple times a day.


I saw Yanma and Murkrow today but everything else was Gen 1.


Today, I have seen more Trapinch/Qwilfish/Lileep/Anorith/Nosepass than gen 1 Pokémon I think.